Shutter releases (photography); phototelegraphy apparatus; video telephones; compact disc players; chips (integrated circuits); chronographs (time recording apparatus); magnetic encoders; encoded identification cards; encoded service cards; compact discs (read-only memory); compact discs (audio-video); computers; computer operating programs, recorded; computer peripheral devices; computer programmes, recorded; computer programs (downloadable software); computer software, recorded; computer keyboards; data processing apparatus; floppy disks; disk drives for computers; printers for use with computers; wires, electric; cables, electric; downloadable electronic publications; agendas (electronic); electronic pocket translators; receivers (audio and video); distance measuring apparatus; milage recorders for vehicles; television apparatus; cinematographic cameras; film cutting apparatus; cameras (photography); radiotelephony sets; wrist rests for use with computers; interfaces for computers; light-emitting electronic pointers; loudspeakers; cabinets for loudspeakers; readers (data processing equipment); mouse (data processing equipment); mouse pads; microphones; telephones (portable); modems; monitors (computer hardware); monitors (computer programs); notebook computers; mobile computers; radio pagers; radios; scanners (data processing equipment); transmitters (telecommunication); transmitters of electronic signals; computer game programs; telephone apparatus; sound reproduction apparatus; stereos (personal); MP3-players; DVD-players