RFID tags, antennae and electronic dosing apparatus; motion sensors and pedometers for cows, mastitis sensors; battery chargers and inverters for storing and managing electricity and/or for converting it to other required voltages; computer software; embedded software and apparatus containing embedded software; computer software and hardware for use in the agricultural sector, in particular automation and management systems, electronic identification equipment, process computers and software; electronic control equipment for use in, among other things, power electronics, vehicles and domotics; electronic controllers for lighting applications, telecommunication equipment and connection materials for use in telecommunications; voting machines and electronic equipment for use in elections along with the associated software; electronic apparatus namely keyboards, readers, vouchers, mobile dataloggers with data modem and / or wall logger and computer equipment for use in educational institutions; electronic apparatus and computer equipment for use in healthcare institutions and in home care, in particular RFID chip cards, readers, docking stations, keyboards, printers, mobile phones, computers, electronic information pillars and associated software; electronic apparatus and computer equipment for recording working hours and registering presence and absence; parts and fittings for the aforesaid equipment; route planning software for use by healthcare providers; equipment and devices for electronic identification and protection against theft, parts of and accessories for the aforesaid goods, included in this class, including rfid labels, antennas, chips, whether or not inserted into labels, passes, tags or other products for electronic identification, cameras, electronic identification software and anti-theft protection; computer apparatus and software for the processing, processing and display of data obtained with all the aforesaid equipment, in particular for combating stock loss; electronic equipment for access management, payment, fire and burglar alarms, observation and biometrics; automatic identification equipment for persons and vehicles, particularly those operating through the use of microwaves; equipment and systems for wireless data communication; equipment for the access management of vehicles and people; equipment for giving vehicles access to business premises, parking garages and parts of cities which are closed to unauthorized persons; electronic equipment and associated software for locker management, in particular for schools, pharmacies and the recreational industry; batteries; parts of all the aforesaid goods not included in other classes; automatic opening and closing equipment for feeding installations.