Pipettes, automated pipetting devices, manual pipetting devices, pipette tips, pipette tip holders, refills for pipette tip holder pipette hangers, pipette racks and pipette stands, electronic pipette battery chargers and stands, assay sampling pumps and sampling plates, pipette accessories; glassware and laboratory vessels for physical, chemical and biotechnical applications; computers, data memory, computer programs, data processing devices, electronic controls, electronic performance evaluation devices for weighing, measuring, testing and control devices and systems as well as for industrial process control; computers, data memories, computer programs, data processing devices for recording, analysis of statistics, distribution and visualization of weight values, physical, chemical and analytical measurement values and non-physical criteria for goods for charge weight and quality control; computers, data memories, computer programs, data processing devices for the input and processing of instructions, traceability and compliance with legal requirements; computers, data memories, computer programs, data processing devices for function control and diagnosis of devices, systems as well as the component parts thereof; computers, data memories, computer software, data processing devices, computer networks for workflow management, for device connection, for information sharing and for documentation of work processes; interfaces using source-language sequences with communication functions (for example, computer program installation, data exchange, remote diagnosis, assistance) with programmable client/server functions for the connection of sensors, measuring instruments, laboratory devices and control terminals to a network; radio frequency transponder for identification, registration and traceability; operating instructions, catalogs and magazines on data media for displaying on viewing screens
pipeline inspection tools incorporating ultrasonic apparatus; video scanning apparatus; optical apparatus for scanning; apparatus for scanning; scanners (data processing equipment); line scanning cameras being image sensing apparatus; optical apparatus for use in the inspection for flaws; visual inspection apparatus; control (inspection) apparatus; automatic inspection apparatus for industrial use; optical inspection apparatus for pattern recognition; automatic inspection instruments for industrial use; visual inspection instruments; automatic inspection apparatus utilising cameras; scanning apparatus, other than for medical use; ultrasonic apparatus for scanning components for flaws; electronic scanning apparatus; video equipped remote visual inspection apparatus; image scanning apparatus; inspection apparatus (other than for medical or dental use); scanning machines, other than for medical use; video scanning instruments; image scanners; frequency scanners; electronic scanners; rapid scan cameras; digitizing scanners; infrared scanners; scanning instruments, other than for medical use; diagnostic apparatus for industrial use; lasers for industrial use; measuring apparatus for surface measuring; length measuring instruments; distance measuring instruments; lineal measuring instruments; measuring apparatus; ultrasonic thickness gauges; gauges for measuring dimensions; appliances for measuring the thickness of leather; gauges for measuring the thickness of coatings; measuring apparatus for indicating dimensions; measuring instruments for testing the quality of coatings; thickness gauges; instruments for measuring the thickness of coatings; surface measuring apparatus; apparatus for surface measurements; testing instruments for measuring the surface roughness; apparatus for testing the porosity of coatings