Office supplies, viz. electric, electronic digitally controlled and luminous energy-controlled office machines, viz. pocket calculators, fax machines, telephone answering machines, dictating machines, printers, typewriters, desk calculators, copiers; electronic data processing products and technical accessories, viz. data processing equipment, such as personal computers, printers, alteration switches, separating filters, monitors, video screen filters, more particularly of glass and plastic, keyboards, low-priced mice, infrared mice, track balls, joy-sticks, cables, printer cables, laptops, extensions, connectors, connector lines, connector-jack lines, compatible computer connectors, mice, monitor cables; zero modem cables, adapters, cable managers, supports for cables and cable connections, telecommunication accessories, more particularly adapters, adapter cables, extension lines, sockets, surface mounting boxes and flush device boxes; endless cassettes, cassettes, microcassettes, batteries; floppy disks; data carrier storage boxes, multimedia boxes; mouse pads, mouse garages, universal garages being pockets for storage of computer peripherals; printer stands; hand supports, monitor arms, telephone arms; storage media, more particularly floppy disks, disk cassettes, disks, electronic memory cards, memory modules, data cartridges, optical disks, CD-R (re-inscribable compact discs); graphic cards for data processing systems; laptop pouches of plastics, plastic-coated and non-coated textiles and fabrics; monitor covers and keyboard covers