Msite is an internet website that has been reconfigured for screening on a mobile device using WML; the site can include graphics text and sound; the msite are network independent and can be hosted by the client using their existing web servers; Msite WAP sites are not dynamically generated from data sources either on the internet or locally; they can be considered as a write and deploy once project with interactivity on a small scale; software for online transaction processing; software that allows disparate software to communicate over a network and to access and update data distributed over a network; software for accessing, connecting, developing and managing distributed application software; software used in distributed transaction processing systems to provide inter-operation between teleprocessing monitors; software which operates at a system level to integrate multiple software applications across platforms and network transports; software for commerce over a global communications network; software for online messaging; software for integration and shared use of information from different software applications, platforms, operating systems or databases, including software for conducting business, commercial and financial matters via the Internet; telecommunications and communications equipment, apparatus and systems including but not limited to telephone cards, debit and credit cards, machine readable apparatus, such as telephone and calling cards, and apparatus which include integrated circuits, magnetic strips and memory chips; telephone equipment, apparatus and systems; interactive voice response apparatus; computer equipment, apparatus and systems including but not limited to computer hardware and modems; computer software; transmission, receiving and storage equipment, apparatus and systems; including but not limited to e-mail systems; and electronic directory equipment, apparatus and systems; publications in electronic form supplied on-line from databases or from facilities provided on the Internet (including web sites); wireless Internet; software for short messaging services; publications in electronic format; CD-ROMs; discs and tapes; video and audio equipment, apparatus and systems; all associated parts, accessories and fittings in this class