MP3 players; DVD players; DVD recorders; portable media players; card readers; integrated card readers; set-top boxes (digital signal receivers); apparatus for data storage; apparatus for the storage of data; apparatus for the storage of information; apparatus for the storage of pictorial data; apparatus for the storage of textual data; cards bearing data for use in data storage apparatus; computer apparatus for the storage of data; computer data storage apparatus; computer memory storage apparatus; computer storage apparatus; data storage apparatus; data storage apparatus for computers; data storage devices; data storage devices containing photographs; data storage devices for recording data; document storage apparatus; information storage apparatus (electric or electronic); information storage devices (electric or electronic); mass storage apparatus (electric); miniature hard disk drive storage units; miniature hard disk drive storage units on a plug-in card being computer apparatus; photographic storage devices; storage cards (electronic); storage cards (smart cards); audio apparatus; audio apparatus for vehicles; audio electronic apparatus; audio equipment; audio players; audio processing apparatus; audio processing apparatus for use with video apparatus; audio products for use in vehicles; audio recording apparatus; audio recording instruments; audio recordings; audio speakers; audio speakers for automobiles; audio speakers for home; audiovisual devices (apparatus); audiovisual display apparatus for use with computers; audiovisual photographic instruments; car audio apparatus; car audio instruments; digital audio disc players; digital audio players; electronic audio apparatus; headphones for audio apparatus; speakers (audio equipment); high definition televisions; televisions incorporating high definition tuners; apparatus for digital signal processing; apparatus for processing digital data; apparatus for recording digital information; digital apparatus; digital audio players; digital controllers; digital printing cameras; digital tablets; digital televisions; digital video adaptors for displaying text with video pictures; digitally stored images; digitally stored photographs; secure digital cards; earphones (other than hearing aids for the deaf); earphones for radios; earphones for recording apparatus; headphones; headphones for audio apparatus; headphones for microphones; plug adaptors for headphones; stereo headphones; stereo headphones for personal entertainment use; headphones; headphones for audio apparatus; headphones for microphones; plug adaptors for headphones; stereo headphones; stereo headphones for personal entertainment use; hard disks; hard disk drives; apparatus for photographing; apparatus for processing photographs; audiovisual photographic instruments; cameras (photography); digitally stored photographs; frames for photographic slides; photographic apparatus; photographic apparatus for printing purposes; photographic cameras; photographic printing apparatus; photographic storage devices; audio electrical apparatus for in-car entertainment
MP3 players; MP4 players; audio tape players/recorders; audio disc players/recorders; hard disc audio players/recorders; radio tuners; audio receivers; audio amplifiers; audio speakers; headphones; earphones; microphones; televisions; LCD televisions; PDP televisions; liquid crystal displays; LCD projectors; television tubes; cathode ray tubes; video tape players/recorders; video disc players/recorders; hard disc video players/recorders; set top boxes, namely computer software and hardware which can convert, supply and transmit audio and video data; video cameras; video cameras combined with video recorders/players; digital still cameras; mobile phones; facsimile machines; personal digital assistants; personal computers; computer central processing units; computer peripherals, namely, disc drives, monitors, keyboards, mice and loudspeakers; computer application software for playing, recording and editing sound, image and data signals; scanners, computer printers; data storage devices which use integrated circuits as recording media for use in connection with computer disc drives for the acquisition, recordal, processing, transmission and storage of sound namely, voice recorders; blank magnetic tapes; blank magnetic discs; blank magneto-optical discs; blank IC memory cards; packaged semiconductors; integrated circuits containing programming used for audio, video or computer data processing; pre-recorded audio, video and/or computer data namely, compact discs, floppy discs, audio cassette tapes, video cassette tapes, minidisks, digital versatile discs, magneto-optical discs, packaged semiconductors and IC chips, all featuring music, movies, pictures, animations and writings; batteries, rechargeable batteries; video game machines for use with televisions; audio and video data processors/converters; data transmission cables; digital cinema projectors for professional use; video projectors; video servers; video monitors; video editing apparatus
MP3 players; bags and cases adapted for carrying prerecorded and recordable sound media, audiovisual media and computer media, including bags and cases for discs, tapes and compact discs/CD-ROM discs; bags and cases especially adapted for holding or carrying portable telephones and telephone equipment and accessories; bags and cases especially adapted for portable computers; DVD players; sound recording apparatus; sound reproduction apparatus; floppy discs; battery chargers; audio receivers and video receivers; data processing apparatus; lasers, not for medical purposes; spectacles; notebooks (portable battery-operated computers); sunglasses; video screens; computer programs (downloadable computer software); mouse mats; coaxial cables; optical fiber cables; computer games (programs); headphones; bags adapted for carrying photographic apparatus; bags adapted for carrying video apparatus; bags adapted for photographic apparatus; bags adapted and shaped for containing cameras; cameras; loudspeakers; telephone receivers; computer memories; computers; portable computers; recorded computer programs; bells (warning devices); projection apparatus; horns for loudspeakers; computers peripheral devices; recorded computer software; CD changers for computers; mice (data processing equipment); electronic agendas; compact disc players; computerized surveillance systems relating to fire; computerized surveillance systems; computer systems; joysticks; circuit cards; audiovisual teaching apparatus; cabinets for loudspeakers; data processing equipment