Human machine interface (HMI) for industrial automation management; electric switches using gas insulation; gas insulated transformers; gas insulated switchgears; gas circuit breakers; electric switchgears for high voltage; computer apparatus for factory automation control; computer apparatus for traffic management control; computer apparatus for traffic signal control; recorded computer software; recorded computer operating programs; air circuit breakers; earth leakage circuit breakers; digital protective relays; mold transformers; radio frequency recognizers; radio frequency identification (RF- ID) apparatus; radio frequency identification (RF-ID) readers; radio frequency identification (RF-ID) tags; wireless rechargers; electric accumulators for wireless recharging; modules for wireless communications apparatus; transmitters for wireless communications apparatus; receivers for wireless communications apparatus; signal converters for wireless communications apparatus; amplifiers for wireless communications apparatus; molded case circuit breakers; distribution automation machines and apparatus; computer programs for distributed control; distribution panels for industrial purposes; computer apparatus for water and wastewater treatment installation control; fuel cells; thermal imaging cameras; remote meter reading machines and apparatus; telemetering controllers; hydraulic transformers; inverters for electricity; computer apparatus for automatic traffic enforcement of violations of traffic signal/lane/speed; automatic toll collection machines and apparatus; electricity transformers; relays for electric vehicle; electric power converters for electric vehicle; chargers for electric vehicle; telecommunications machines and apparatus; electro-dynamic apparatus for the remote control of railway points; electric motor controllers; electric power monitoring controllers; electric power system simulators; computer apparatus for electric power system analysis; watt hour meters; electrical load controllers; power line communications machines and apparatus; computer apparatus for diagnosis of power installation; electric power protective controllers; electric current controllers; current limiters; magnetic switches; electronic motor protection relays; electronic applied machines and parts thereof; electromagnetic contactors; electronic switchboards; batteries; chargers for electric batteries; solar cell panels; electricity distribution panels for house; vacuum interrupters; vacuum breakers; computer programs for supervisory control and data acquisition; computer apparatus for railway signal installation control; computer apparatus for railway automatic fare collection control; computer apparatus for railway communication installation control; ultrasonic flow meters; maximum demand electric power controllers; capacitors; rechargers for electric accumulators; photovoltaic power generation machines and apparatus; solar batteries; programmable logic controllers (PLC); program control machines and apparatus; protocol converters; current limiting power fuse; circuit closers