Geiger counters; optical discs; optical character readers; recorded computer software; recorded computer operating programs; recorded computer programs; downloadable computer programs (software); notebook computers; laptop computers; mouse (data processing equipment); mouse pads; microprocessors; bar code readers; light-emitting electronic pointers; video game cartridges; lasers not for medical purposes; X-rays producing apparatus and installations not for medical purposes; protection devices against X-rays not for medical purposes; X-rays apparatus not for medical purposes; cyclotrons; simulators for the steering and control of vehicles; hydrophone machines and apparatus; scanners (data processing equipment); word processors; computer workstations; magnetic disks; magnetic encoders; magnetic prospecting tools namely magnetometers; magnetic tapes; demagnetizing apparatus for magnetic tapes; electric monitoring apparatus; electronic notice boards; electronic theft prevention apparatus; electronic photocopiers; electronic agendas; cards incorporating electronic devices; transmitters of electronic signals; automatic door opening and closing apparatus using electronics; electronic pens; electronic microscopes; electronic circuit machines for learning; central processing units (processors); seismic exploration machines and apparatus; ultrasonic insect killers; ultrasonic transducers; ultrasonic flaw detectors; ultrasonic sensors; computers; computer memories; computer monitors; disk drives for computers; cathode-ray tubes; wrist rests for use with computers; rectifier tubes; magnetic tape units for computers; juke boxes for computers; printers for use with computers; electronic computer game machines adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor; computer keyboards; electric cable tester; closed circuit boards; plotters; floppy disks; personal digital assistants (PDA's); pocket calculators; electronic pocket translators; phototubes; thermionic valves forradio; X-rays tubes not for medical purposes; Compact Disc Read Only Memory (CD ROM); electric discharge tubes not for lighting; thermionic lamps and tubes; electron guns; amplifying tubes; vacuum tubes; automatic solar tracking sensors; diodes; wafers for solar cells; integrated circuits; thermistors; transistors; printed circuits; exposed cinematographic films; exposed films; animated cartoons; photographic slide films; projection films; solar energy collectors for energy generation; covers of computer keyboard; semi-conductors; covers of notebook computer keyboard; covers of keyboard of electronic dictionary; keyskins for computer keyboard; keyskins for notebook computer keyboard; keyskins for keyboard of electronic dictionary; cases for mobile phone; cases for notebook computer; cases for camera; cases for PDA; cases for PMP; cases for MP3 players; cases for navigational instruments; cases for electronic dictionary; cases only for portable digital sound player; cases only for portable digital video player; liquid crystal protection films of LCD monitor; liquid crystal protection films of mobile phone; liquid crystal protection films of notebook computer; liquid crystal protection films of camera; liquid crystal protection films for PDA; liquid crystal protection films for PMP; liquid crystal protection films of MP3 player; liquid crystal protection films for game machine; liquid crystal protection films for navigation apparatus and instruments; liquid crystal protection films for electronic dictionary; outside protection films of mobile phone; batteries; outside protection films of notebook computer; outside protection films of camera; mobile phones; protection films for PDA; cameras; PMP; outside protection films of MP3 player; MP3 players; outside protection films of portable game machine; outside protection films for navigation apparatus and instruments; outside protection films for electronic dictionary; headsets; earphones; notebook computer locks; heat sinks of notebook computer; keyboards; card readers; USB hubs; battery chargers; speakers; cases only for portable game machine; portable game machine; navigation apparatus and instruments; electronic dictionary; electronic vending machines; outside protection films for PMP; electronic typewriters.
General operation board; motion controllers; electrolysers as electrolytic cells; simulators for the steering and control of vehicles; laboratory apparatus and instruments, namely, centrifuges; photographic machines and apparatus, namely, cameras; cinematographic machines and apparatus; optical apparatus and instruments, namely, optical mirrors; measuring or testing machines and instruments, namely, temperature sensors, pressure sensors and liquid level sensors; power distribution or control machines, namely, electrical power distribution consoles and control panels; electric converters; phase modifiers, namely, optical phase shifter; batteries and dry cells; electric or magnetic meters and testers, namely, voltage testers; electric wires and cables; telecommunication machines, namely, telephone answering machines , electric installations for the remote control of industrial operations, and electronic apparatus for the remote control of industrial operations; electronic machines, apparatus and their parts, namely, computer hardware and computer peripheral devices, computer programs for controlling and operating machine tools and electric power steering, and programmable logic controller; sequence controller; program input device; magnetic cores; resistance wires; electrodes for use in electrochemistry; air tanks for scuba diving; downloadable electronic publications, namely, magazines featuring music; communication modules; input/output module; touch panels; computer memories; monitors for computer programs; temperature sensors for industrial use, pressure sensors and fluid level sensors; torque sensor for steering; time recording apparatus; electronic counters; integrated circuits; semiconductor apparatus; electric regulating apparatus; keyless switches for land vehicles; motion control circuit for land vehicles; magnetic cores; resistance wires; slide-rules; downloadable electronic publications; electronic publications; apparatus and their parts in Class 9, namely, cables for connecting personal computers, USB terminal, USB cables, tool measuring instruments and couplings, air-gas producers, constant temperature incubators, constant humidity incubators, glassware for scientific experiments in laboratories, porcelain ware for scientific experiments in laboratories, furnaces for laboratory experiments, tilting heads, cameras, CCD cameras, range finders, photo-developing machines, printing machines, enlarging machines, finishing machines tripods, shutters, bellows, spools, slide projectors, self-timers, photographic flash units, flash lamps, viewfinders, lens filters, lens hoods, flashguns, film magazines, shutter releases, lenses for photographic apparatus, and exposure meters; body-tubes for telescopes in the nature of lens barrels, tripods for telescopes, periscopes, binoculars, reflectors for telescopes, prisms for telescopes, telescopes, lenses for telescopes, and microscopes, phase indicators, oscillographs, circuit testers, antenna parameter measuring apparatus, torque detectors for vehicles for sensing torque force input to the steering wheel, ground detectors in the nature of electric leakage detectors, magnetometers, frequency meters, vacuum tube characteristic testers, watt hour meters, resistance measuring instruments, voltmeters, wave meters, ammeters, wattmeters, oscillators, and capacity measuring meters; electrical conductors; electric buzzers; electronic publications, namely, books, magazines and manuals in the field of vehicles recorded on computer media