For computers; computer peripherals; computer monitors; personal digital assistants; hand-held computers; set-top boxes for television; cellular phones; encoded smart cards containing memory; computer servers; computers and software for use in transmitting and receiving data over wireless networks; computer operating systems and computer programs for use therewith, namely, utility programs, calendar programs, address book programs, game programs, task management programs and electronic mail programs sold as a unit; computer programs for managing communications and data exchange between hand-held computers and desktop computers; computer programs for use in development of other programs; computer programs for providing entertainment; computer programs for providing online geographical information and interactive geographical maps for travel related purposes, driving directions, traffic information, news and other information; computer programs for viewing, editing and transmitting photographic images; computer software for browsing intranet sites and websites; computer software for controlling the operation of cellular telephones; computer programs for use in personal information devices, namely, personal information manager programs with calendars, contact information files and to do lists; note taking programs; computer programs for facilitating voice, text and pen input; and computer programs for use in automobiles, namely, computer programs for monitoring automobile performance, for mapping and navigation, for electronic mail and wireless communication, and for maintaining personal directories, contact lists, addresses and phone number lists