Emergency call boxes, namely, solar powered magnetic hook switch call box; wireless cellular telephone communications, and control board to receive calls; computerised parking and control system, including computer processor, cashier terminal, hand-held computer microprocessor, and ticket issuing machine to dispense tickets; computer system to monitor vehicle classification information, including computer processor, matrix, display, toll terminal, and display panel; automatic vehicle classification system, including computer hardware and software to audit and identify vehicles and ultrasonic sensor; toll terminals, including microprocessor, keyboard, display module, power supply module and computer software, video enforcement system, including video camera, VCR, video/data mixers, terminal, printer and computer hardware and software for identifying and notifying toll violators; computer hardware and software, display controller and power supply to display toll messages to patrons; electronic fare collection system for mass transportation, including automatic revenue collection systems for public transit projects, such electronic fare collection systems and automatic revenue collection systems comprising fare boxes, coin and currency vaults, magnetic card processors, ticket processors, electronic control processors; microprocessor, read/write memory, computer software, low power RF data link to communicate and receive fare related data to and from a companion target antenna integrated with the fare collection system; electronic maintenance training system, including training simulator, multi meters, oscilloscopes, spectrum analysers, modular software, volt meters, RF power meter, frequency counter function generator, attenuator, signal generator, and extender board; space electronics for satellite communications, including KU-band transmitter, S-band amplifier, dual C-band receiver, tracking, telemetry and command transponders, C-band transmitter, multi-band frequency translator, power amplifiers, power conversion units and embedded crypto capability, command demultiplexer, and computer controlled test sets comprising computer hardware and software; ground proximity warning systems and ground collision avoidance systems, including for use in military and commercial airplanes and helicopters, including computer hardware and software for assessing and processing aircraft parameters, radar and barometric altimeters, altitude gyros, accelerometers and air data sensors
Emergency evacuation apparatus (fire escapes); Directional signage (luminous or mechanical); Safety signals (luminous); Signs, luminous; Alarm signalling apparatus; Alarm signalling receivers; Display signs of metal (luminous or mechanical); Electric signs; Flashing lights (luminous signals); Horns for signalling; Illuminated advertising signs; Illuminated signposts; Illuminated signs; Illuminated signs used for advertising; Light signboards; Luminous electric signs; Luminous signals; Luminous signals for giving information to pedestrians; Luminous signals with relays; Luminous signs; Luminous signs for roads; Metal bells (signals); Metal signboards (luminous); Modular sign panels (luminous); Photoluminescent signs; Portable signs (luminous) for roads; Portable signs (mechanical) for roads; Road signs (luminous); Road signs (mechanical); Road signs, luminous or mechanical; Safety signals (audible), other than for vehicles; Safety signals (mechanical); Safety signals in the form of flashing beacons; Safety signals in the form of flashing lights; Safety signs (luminous); Safety signs (mechanical); Sign apparatus (luminous, mechanical) for roads; Sign apparatus (luminous, non-mechanical) for roads; Sign apparatus (non-metallic, luminous, mechanical) for roads; Sign boards (luminous); Sign boards (mechanical); Sign makers (cutting plotters); Signal bells; Signs being illuminated; Signs being luminous; Signs being photoluminescent; Signs being reflective; Signs made of plastics (luminous or mechanical); Signs of metal (luminous or mechanical); Signs, luminous, inflatable; Traffic information panels (luminous signs); Traffic light apparatus (signalling devices); Traffic signs (luminous); Traffic signs (mechanical); Wood signs (luminous)