ehicle tracking apparatus; GPS tracking devices; engine diagnostic apparatus; in vehicle displays including but not limited to color coded signaling and graphic displays; signaling and checking apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for monitoring, recording, analyzing and transmitting data, sound and/or images; telecommunications equipment; telephones and mobile phones; antitheft warning apparatus data processing equipment; computers; computer software; GPS software; computer hardware for setting up and configuring a web based vehicle driver management system; computer software and firmware for setting up and configuring a web based vehicle driver management system, namely, computer software for analyzing data from multimedia event recorders; driving performance management software for evaluating driver safety and mechanical behaviors; software for analyzing data of the vehicle mechanical performance, maintenance and preventing maintenance; electronic security, location, status monitoring and signaling systems comprised of a transmitter, antenna, receiver, battery and portable panic button transmitters for monitoring vehicles, persons, animals, and objects; transponder devices; electronic transmitters and receivers, all for use in tracking vehicles; signalling and checking apparatus and instruments all for use in the prevention of unauthorized use of vehicles, plant and machinery and the recovery of the same; electronic locator transponders including those incorporating satellite, telematic and global positioning systems; emergency locator transponders; data processing equipment all relating to the aforementioned goods; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods; all included in class 9