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or VTR, sound recording discs, sound recording strips, dials, blank record disks, microphones, modems, masts for wireless aerials, switch board indicating lamps, electrical transformers (for telecommunication apparatus), protectors (for telecommunication apparatus), videotapes, antennas, adaptors, unprocessed audio-video compact disc; coils (electric), holders for electric coils, converters, frequency converters, amplifiers, choking coils (impedance), pickups (for telecommunication apparatus), headphones, straps for cellular phone, geiger counters, optical discs, optical character readers, computer software (recorded), computer operating programs (recorded), computer programs (recorded), computer programs (downloadable software), notebook computers, laptop computers, mouses, mouse pads, microprocessors, bar code readers, light-emitting electronic pointers, video game cartridges, lasers (not for medical purposes), x-rays producing apparatus and installations (not for medical purposes), protection devices against x-rays (roentgen rays) (not for medical purposes), roentgen apparatus not for medical purposes, cyclotrons, simulators for the steering and control of vehicles, hydrophone machines and apparatus, scanners, word processors, workstations, disks (magnetic), magnetic encoders, magnetic prospecting tools, magnetic detectors, magnetic tapes, demagnetizing apparatus for magnetic tapes, electric notice boards, monitoring apparatus (electric), electronic notice boards, electronic theft prevention apparatus, electronic photocopiers, electronic agendas, cards incorporating electronic devices, transmitters of electronic signals, automatic door opening and closing apparatus (electronic), electronic vending machines, electronic typewriters, electronic pens, electronic microscopes, electronic circuit machines for learning, central processing units (processors), seismic exploration machines and apparatus, ultrasonic insect killers, ultrasonic sounders, ultrasonic flaw detectors, ultrasonic sensors, computers, computer memories, monitors (computer hardware), disk drives (for computers), wrist rests for use with computers, magnetic tape units (for computers), juke boxes (for computers), printers for use with computers, computer electronic games apparatus, computer keyboards, cable checking panels, closed ci; 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