Current and future innovations of electronic and electrical devices for capture, recording, storing, organizing, transmitting, manipulating, displaying and reviewing text, data, audio, image, video and other digital formats; equipment using LCD (liquid crystal display), TFT LCD, OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode), plasma or laser technology; calculating machines, data processing equipment and computers; apparatus for data storage; hard drives; miniature hard disk drive storage units; CD-ROMs; digital versatile discs; batteries; rechargeable batteries; chargers for electric batteries; headphones; stereo headphones; in-ear headphones; audio speakers; audio speakers for home; monitor speakers; speakers for computers; personal stereo speaker apparatus; digital audio and video devices; audio cassette recorders and players, video cassette recorders and players, compact disc players, digital versatile disc recorders and players, movie players; digital audio tape recorders and players; MP3 players, MP4 players; satellite navigators, USB, memory cards; blue tooth devices; radios; cameras; video cameras; cordless telephones; mobile telephones; parts and accessories for mobile telephones; portable digital electronic devices; handheld digital electronic; hand held computers, personal digital assistants, electronic organizers, electronic notepads; magnetic data carriers; telephones, computer gaming machines, microprocessors, memories boards, monitors, displays, keyboards, cables, modems, printers, scanners, videophones, disk drives
Current collectors for agricultural trailers; Current collectors for industrial trailers; Electric test boxes for testing light circuits on semi-trailers; Electrical connectors for use between a semi-trailer and tractor unit; Electrical control apparatus; Electrical control apparatus being computer operated; Electrical control circuits; Electrical control units for lighting installations; Electrical controls; Electric current sensors; Simulators; Automotive electrical components; Electronic relays; Apparatus for signalling vehicles; Control circuits for use in connection with motor vehicles; Control modules for vehicles and vehicle systems (onboard; Electronic brake controllers for vehicles; Electronic control units for vehicles; Light flashing apparatus for direction indicators of vehicles; On-board computers for vehicles; Voltage regulators for land vehicles; Voltage regulators for vehicles; Wiring looms and harnesses for vehicles (electric cables); Auxiliary relays; Relays, electric; Solid-state component relays; Electronic monitoring apparatus, other than for medical use; Apparatus for monitoring electrical components; Amplification apparatus; Pulse code modulating processors; Pulse code modulation apparatus for transmission via cable; Pulse generators (other than for medical use); Pulse sending devices (other than for medical purposes); Current collectors; Current collectors for caravans; Current collectors for carriages; Electric resistors; Force sensing resistors; Inductive resistors; Resistor networks; Trimmer resistors; Variable resistors; Electrical resistors; Resistors
Customizable computer software for enabling and managing wireless communications and voice access to people and information; software that provides telecommunications consultation in the field of wireless communication and wireless communications devices; software that provides communications consulting services in the field of communications regarding workflow and patient alert and alarm workflow, namely transmission of voice and data in relation to the function of patient-monitoring devices and patient and staff communication devices; software that provides consulting services in the field of information systems integration architecture in the nature of information systems integration design; software that provides technological consulting services, namely, consulting regarding the use of technology in multiple service fields, namely, healthcare, hospitality, energy, education, school and library administration, retailing, manufacturing, and long-term care services; software that provides educational services, namely, clinical and end user education in the nature of classes, seminars, and workshops regarding communications technology and workflow processes and administering clinical systems; research and design for information technology systems; software that provides industrial analysis and research services in the field of information technology, medical technology and the healthcare industry; software that provides information in the field of software installation and database design and development; software that provides computer services, namely, computer system administration for others; software that provides computer programming services for commercial analysis and reporting