Composite material comprising suspensions of crystalline particles in a light transmitting medium adapted to be used in connection with optical devices such as microscope eye-pieces, glare eliminators, variable density diaphragms, gem testers and goods of a like description in this class, none of the forgoing being component parts of eyeglasses or sun glasses; scientific instruments such as cameras; scientific instruments such as lenses for astrophotography; camera lenses; video camera lenses; monocular lenses; binocular lenses, telescope lenses; microscope lenses; periscope lenses; wave retardation plates, microscopes, stereoscopic implements, optical goods being optical character readers, optical condensers, optical data media, optical discs, optical fibers, optical glass, optical lamps, optical lanterns, optical compasses, optical mirrors, periscope lenses, lenses for astrophotgraphy, camera lenses, video camera lenses, monocular lenses, binocular lenses, telescope lenses, microscope lenses, camera accessories, namely, lens hoods, filters, and lens caps; digital memory cards; magnetic drives; flash drives; monoculars; binoculars; telescopes; microscopes; periscopes; optical disc drives; night vision goggles; scuba masks; welding masks; electronic gaming goggles; virtual reality goggles; stereoscopic viewers and stereoscopic 3D eyeglasses being part of an electronic gaming or other system; measuring and testing instruments and goods of a like description in this class; devices for the control of light intensity; light filtering material in this class; small cases adapted to contain filters for cameras and camera lenses and similar articles; electronic flash adaptor cords; synchronization monitors and sychronization controls; apparatus for gauging radioactivity; radiation detection devices, cinematographic apparatus, instruments, devices, accessories, parts therof and carrying cases for the same; devices for calculating interocular distance, television apparatus, instruments, devices, accessories and parts thereof, television filters; television corrector plates, x-ray film processing apparatus and parts thereof; x-ray cassettes; optical bench elements; photographic copying apparatus, instruments and accessories, polariscopes; view finders; photographic apparatus, instruments; photographic lighting equipment, accessories and parts therof of metal or predominantly of metal; all glassware articles in this class; sparking plugs, fire extinguishing apparatus; electrical switches
Computing machines being printing and non-printing, mechanical electromechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic types; billing machines, especially computing typewriters a dcomputing machines combined with typewriters; accounting machines, especially adding and balancing machines with printer and paper carriage as well as with one or more counters, typewriters with attached counters, typewriters with attached counters, typewriters with front feed device and accounting or tabulating machines; automatic accounting, billing and clearing machines, cash registers; machines used at post-office or bank counters, i.e. machines handling savings-bank books or ostal cheques, automatic checking machines, and receipt acknowledging machines used at counters; punch card machines and punch card equipment and systems, punch card and punch tape units, (digital) magnetic tape equipment; Machines and equipment for data transmission, data checks, data storage, data evaluation and data conversion as well as data memory units; machines and equipment for producing indentifying and processing characters or data that can be read by machines; machines, equipment and systems for data telecommunication, i.e. for wireless, transmissio and for transmission by telephone and/or teletype network, input and output stations, displaying and/or printing equipment; digital computers and digital computing systems, data processing machines and systems; process control computers; automatic printers with and without programme control and input and output by punch tape or punch tape cards; machines and equipment for automatic characyer indentification, information carler, recording media, data loggers; serial printers, mosaic printers and non-mechanical printers being goods included in Class 9; Bookkeeping and accounting machines; electromechanical, electrostatic and electronic attachments individual and/or in combination for office machinery and other machines and systems included in Class 9, with the exception of all electrical and electronic components, sub-assemblies, parts and all subgroups of the products listed above in Class 9