CCTV systems; zoom cam cameras (cameras with built-in zoom), CCTV cameras, CCTV camera lenses, video switching systems for CCTV, CCTV camera-controlled apparatus, CCTV apparatus, devices and instruments; tracking apparatus, devices and instruments in particular for vehicles; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound and images, apparatus for transmission of communications; cameras containing a linear image sensor, car video recorders, combination video players and recorders, digital cameras, digital video recorders, digital video cameras, wireless cameras, wired cameras, Internet protocol (IP) cameras, network video recorders (NVR), flash (memory) card readers, flash memory cards, infrared cameras, motion picture cameras, mounting devices for cameras and monitors; multiplexers, programmable digital television recorders, recording and playing devices for sound and image carriers; time and date stamping machines; digital door viewers; video intercom systems; electric and electronic apparatus, namely, electrified and electronic control systems, electrified and electronic control apparatus, electrified and electronic locking systems, electrified and electronic entry systems and electronic components; electric and electronic security or alarm apparatus; electric and electromechanical door and window hardware; electric, electronic and electromechanical locks and lock goods; electrical control apparatus for doors; electronic or magnetic access control cards and smart cards; electronic or magnetic access control card readers and smart card readers; keycards; keycard readers; keyboard actuated electric or magnetic locks; electronically controlled locks; key operated controls; electronic keys; infra red keys; electrical and electronic locking devices; alarms (not for vehicles); alarm locks; electric and electronic door bells; push button electric and electronic locks; computer control apparatus for coding keyboards, decoders, transformers, electronic key pads, power supplies, sirens, electric door strikes, infra red and magnetic contact detectors; cabling; batteries, rechargeable batteries; electronic lock cylinders; electric striking plates; door magnets; electronic and magnetic sensors; apparatus and instruments for signaling and checking, namely checking and/or controlling people's movement within, entrance to and exit from buildings and through doors and gates and/or for use with locks; magnetic and electronic identity cards; magnetic data carriers and computer software; parts and fittings included in this class for all the aforesaid goods