Axle measuring apparatus; logging (recording or measuring) apparatus; measuring instruments; speed measuring apparatus; speed measuring apparatus for vehicles; ultrasonic measuring apparatus; instruments for monitoring traffic; electric monitoring apparatus; electronic measurement sensors; measurement apparatus; application software; communication software; electrical apparatus for detecting motor vehicles; speed measuring apparatus for vehicles, data processing equipment and computers; computer hardware and firmware; computer software (including software downloadable from the Internet); telecommunications apparatus; computer software and hardware for vehicle traffic management including vehicle traffic counting and classifying equipment and software, traffic monitoring equipment, traffic analysis equipment, axle counter; monitoring software and hardware; automated traffic counting and classification equipment; software for analysing and classifying data relating to vehicle and pedestrian traffic; software for automated recognition of vehicle number plates and vehicle types; apparatus for weighing land vehicles and pedestrian traffic; electronic, photographic and cinematographic apparatus for reading vehicle number plates; electronic apparatus for detecting motorway and road traffic incidents; electronic, photographic and cinematographic apparatus for detecting and measuring vehicle speeds; photographic, cinematographic and sound recording apparatus for use in surveillance and analysis of vehicles and pedestrian traffic; apparatus for measuring and controlling light signalization of road crossings and junctions; solar cells, panels and collectors for electricity generation; batteries, battery recharging apparatus; aerials and apparatus for the reception and transmission of radio signals; apparatus for transmitting radio signals by cable; apparatus for radiolocation; global positioning apparatus; computer software and hardware for the transmission, reception and processing of wired and wireless data signals; radio and digital transmitters and receivers; electromechanical sensors; signal converters; motion sensors; analog and digital electronic measuring devices with data logging capabilities, namely, data acquisition systems, dataloggers, and transceivers comprised of computer hardware, computer software for the transmission, reception, and processing of wireless and wired data signals, radio and digital transmitters and receivers; monitoring equipment for traffic signals; testing and monitoring equipment for axle and vehicle sensors; parts, fittings and field accessories for all the aforementioned goods