After idling timers; Audio timers; Automatic controllers and timers for irrigation and sprinkler watering systems; Automatic time switches; Automatic timers for use with beverage makers; Automatic timers for use with cooking appliances; Automatic timers for use with kettles; Chronographs (time recording apparatus); Computer software for time control; Computer timetables; Control apparatus (time clocks); Countdown timers; Darkroom timers; Egg timers (sandglasses); Electric time-relay devices; Electric timers; Electrical switch timers; Electrical time switches; Electrical timetables; Electronic time recording apparatus; Electronic timers; Electronic timers for lubricating installations; Electronic timetables; Indicators for indicating time; Instruments for measuring radiation exposure time; Interfaces between application programs and firmware on real-time computers; Programmable timers; Real-time data processing apparatus; Sensors for real time data input apparatus; Sensors for real time data output apparatus; Start timers for burners; Time base correctors; Time cards (encoded); Time cards (machine readable); Time cards (magnetic); Time cards (punched); Time clocks (time recording devices); Time clocks (time recording); Time coding apparatus; Time controlled feeding devices for aquatic animals; Time correction filters; Time data generators; Time delay generators; Time delay units; Time dividers for digital communication apparatus; Time division multiplexers; Time lapse video cassette recorders; Time programmers; Time recording apparatus; Time recording instruments; Time registering apparatus; Time regulating apparatus; Time switches, automatic; Time-code generators; Timers (control devices); Timers for automatic apparatus; Timers for switching on electrical devices at pre-programmed times; Electric timing devices; Antenna timing units; Timing devices for controlling machines; Timing devices for industrial processing apparatus; Electronic timing apparatus; Timing apparatus; Automatic timing switches; Electronic timing control instruments; Electronic timing control apparatus; Printed circuits for use with timing mechanisms; Sensors for measuring speed; High speed data transmission apparatus; Computer programs for data processing; Computer programs for use in database management; Computer software programs for database management; Data processing software; Computer software applications (downloadable); Computer software; Computer software products; Computer software programs; Computer software packages; Integrated software packages; Computer programs, downloadable; Interactive computer software; Packaged software; Computer software (recorded); Personal computer application software; Downloadable software applications (apps); Timing (measuring) devices; Antennas; Readers (data processing equipment)