Transplanters, hand-operated; electric or non-electric nail polishers; apparatus for tattooing; electric or non-electric razors; nail clippers; non-metallic blade handles; metallic blade handles; electrical and non-electric instruments for manicure; electrical and non-electric instruments for pedicure; electric hand instruments for printing tattoos; tattoo needles, pliers as hand tools; electric pedicure tools; scissors; nail scissors, cuticle nippers, cosmetic tattooing machines; non-electric manicure sets, non-electric hand instruments for tattooing; tweezers; hair-removing tweezers; tweezers; tool belts [holders]; pedicure instruments; blades for shears; knife blades; blades [tools]; electric or non-electric nail clippers; electric nail files, cardboard emery boards; foot files [pedicure instruments]; eyelash curlers; cosmetic tattooing apparatus; microblading apparatus; electric nail polishers; fingernail polishers, non-electric; tattoo machines for processing eyebrows; sticks of orange wood [manicure instruments]; manually operated apparatus and instruments, components and equipment thereof for permanent make-up; tattooing needle cartridges and cartridge handles for tattooing needles; manually operated apparatus and instruments, components and equipment thereof for tattooing; apparatus and instruments, their components, accessories and equipment for microneedling and microblading treatmenets; tattooing needles; needles for permanent make-up, disposable needle cartridges; disposable needles for permanent make-up, microneedling needles; spray guns for permanent make-up; manually operated apparatus for tattooing and permanent make-up; equipment for permanent make-up apparatus; spare parts for tattoo and permanent make-up apparatus, namely, disposable needle cartridges, disposable tubes for tattooing, sleeves, cartridges; eyebrow tattooing equipment, ink mixers, empty ink cartridges and dye covers; hand tools and implements, in particular blades for manually operated tools, awls, hand tools for center marking, piercing needles, pliers, tool belts, hand-operated tool handles, blade handles, graters; hand crankshafts operated manually, razors, hand appliances, non-electric, for eyebrow treatment; depilatory apparatus for the cosmetic care of eyebrows; application instruments for individual eyebrow extensions; non-electric hair-removal apparatus for cosmetic eyebrow care; hand apparatus for applying and maintaining individual eyebrow extensions.