Secateurs; Loppers (hand operated tools); Blades (hand tools); Bush hooks (hand tools); Cutting tools (hand tools); Diggers (hand tools); Earth rammers (hand tools); Fruit pickers (hand tools); Grafting tools (hand tools); Hacksaw blades (parts of hand tools); Hammers (hand tools); Hand tools (hand operated) for cutting; Hand tools (hand operated) for use in agriculture; Hand tools (hand operated) for use in camping; Hand tools (hand operated) for use in forestry; Hand tools (hand operated) for use in horticulture; Hand tools (hand operated) for use in the garden; Hand tools (hand operated) incorporating a sprayer; Hand tools, hand-operated; Hoes (hand tools); Hoes being hand tools for gardening; Insecticide sprayers (hand tools); Picks (hand tools); Rakes (hand tools); Saws (hand tools); Scoops being hand tools; Sharpening wheels (hand tools); Shovels (hand tools); Side cutters (hand tools); Spades (hand tools); Tree branch cutters (hand tools); Tree branch pruners (hand tools); Tungsten carbide hand tools; Weeding tools (hand operated); Pruning knives; Pruning saws (hand-operated); Pruning scissors; Pruning shears; Trowels; Abrasive sharpening stones (hand-operated tools); Agricultural tools (hand operated); Bolt cutters (hand-operated tools); Forks (hand tools); Garden tools (hand-operated); Hand held tools, hand-operated; Hedge cutters (hand-operated tools); Hedge trimmers (hand-operated tools); Horticultural implements (hand-operated tools); Knife sharpeners (hand operated tools); Saw blades (parts of hand tools); Sawing tools for use with hand-operated saws; Snips (hand operated tools); Spray fittings (parts of hand-operated tools); Spray heads (parts of hand-operated tools); Spray nozzles being parts of hand-operated tools; Sprays (hand-operated tools); Spreaders (hand-operated tools); Tool bits for hand operated tools; Tools (hand-operated) for agricultural use; Tools (hand-operated) for breaking up earth; Tools (hand-operated) for horticultural use; Agricultural sprayers (hand operated); Knapsack sprayers (non-electric) for carrying on the back; Sprayers (hand-operated tool) for agricultural use in spraying insecticides; Sprayers (hand-operated tool) for garden use in spraying weedkillers; Sprayers (hand-operated) for use in agriculture; Sprayers (hand-operated) for use in horticulture; Sprayers for use in agriculture (hand tool); Sprayers for use in horticulture (hand tool); Axes; Lopping shears (hand operated); Bow saws; Sheath knives; Sheaths for hatchets; Sheaths for knives; Budding knives; Folding knives; Fruit knives; Grafting knives; Knives; Pocket knives; Planting tools (hand-operated); Grass cutting apparatus (hand-operated)