Scissors for hair strands, curling tongs, hair clippers for cutting hair, beards and animal hair, leather strops, curling tongs, earth rammers, scythes, sickles, straw cutters, table cutlery, knives, shears, hay forks and manure forks, machetes, knives for planting, side arms, knives for machines, axes, hatchets, saws, shovels, tools of iron and wood for blacksmiths, locksmiths, mechanics, joiners, carpenters, tinsmiths, butchers, cobblers, saddlers, farmers, gardeners, tanners, millers, clockmakers, vine growers, cartwrights, artists, machine builders, coopers, masons, shipbuilders, pharmacists, turners, cellarmen, installers, electricians, engineers, opticians, engravers, barbers, harpoons, mallets, knife sharpeners, forks, champagne tongs, tools for stonecutters and sculptors, scientists, tailors, bookbinders, youth and for use in factories, machine manufacturing plants and iron foundries; iron wire cutters, spanners, spoons for coal; clawbars, rakes, numbering punches, fruit pickers, scrapers for trees; toolboxes and boxes for curved cutting tools, punches; table utensils and fittings of alfenide, nickel silver, Britannia metal, nickel and aluminium; silver-plated and gold-plated metal objects, as spoons; rubber articles for technical use; guns, squares, pouches; syringes, clubs for police officers, money scoops; shoe trees, tools for cobblers, shoe lasts; table cutlery and parts thereof of horn, bone, celluloid, ivory, wood; rasps, flat irons and bolts for ironing, garden rollers, mortars; knives for scaling; grinding wheels, grindstones and sharpening grindstones
Screwdriver bits for hand operated screwdrivers; Abrasive discs (hand tools); Abrasive instruments (hand tools); Abrasive stones (hand tools); Adjustable screwdrivers (hand tools); Adjustable spanners (hand tools); Adjustable wrenches (hand tools); Annular hole cutters (hand tools); Augers (hand tools); Bits (hand tools); Blades (hand tools); Builders' squares (hand tools); Centre punches (hand tools); Countersinks (hand tools); Cutting tools (hand tools); Cutting wheels being parts of hand tools; Drill aligning squares for use with hand tools; Fitted cases adapted to hold hand tools; Floats (hand tools); Gripping devices (hand tools); Hacksaw blades (parts of hand tools); Hammers (hand tools); Hand tools (hand operated) for tapping; Hand tools (hand operated) for use in carpentry; Hand tools (hand operated) for use in electronics; Hand tools (hand operated) for use in forestry; Hand tools (hand operated) for use in joinery; Hand tools (hand operated) for use in mining; Hand tools (hand operated) for use in plumbing; Hand tools (hand operated) for use in the building industry; Hand tools (hand operated) for use in the garden; Hand tools (hand operated) for use in the motor industry; Hand tools (hand operated) for use in tiling; Hand tools, hand-operated; Locking clamps (hand tools); Mitre boxes (hand tools); Pullers (hand tools); Punches (hand tools); Rakes (hand tools); Rammers (hand tools); Rams (hand tools); Rasps (hand tools); Ratchet wrenches (hand tools); Reamers (hand tools); Riveters (hand tools); Saw blades (parts of hand tools); Saws (hand tools); Scraping tools (hand tools); Scribers (hand tools); Shovels (hand tools); Side cutters (hand tools); Spades (hand tools); Spanners (hand tools); Squares (hand tools); Stamps (hand tools); Taps (hand tools); Tree branch cutters (hand tools); Tube cutters (hand tools); Wire strippers (hand tools); Wrenches (hand tools); Ice hammers; Industrial hammers (hand-operated tools); Masons' hammers; Panel beating hammers; Piton hammers; Sheaths for hammers; Stone hammers; Locking pliers; Pliers; Hand-operated shears; Non electric hand shears; Pruning shears; Shear blades; Shearers (hand instruments); Shears; Snips (hand operated tools); Tin snips (hand-operated); Blades for hand-operated fret-saws; Bow saws; Butchers saws (hand-operated tools); Hand operated rivet saws; Hole saws (hand operated); Jig-saws; Keyhole saws (hand operated tools); Non electric hand saws; Pruning saws (hand-operated); Saw blades for use with hand-operated tools; Saw guide rails for use with hand-operated tools; Saw holders; Sawing tools for use with hand-operated saws; Segmental saw blades for hand-operated tools; Nail punches; Numbering punches; Pin punches; Punch rings (knuckle dusters); Punches (hand-operated tools); Star drills (star punches); Steel type numbering heads (hand-punches); Clamps (for carpenters or coopers); Jigs (clamps), other than parts of machines