reversible tools including reversible screw drivers and tools having a work piece at opposite ends; reversible screw drivers with a sliding handle; reversible screw drivers including a handle locking mechanism; Hand tools, including, adjustable screwdrivers, adjustable spanners, adjustable wrenches, applicators (hand operated tools), adzes, awls, band saw blades, bench stops, bit braces, bit extensions, bolt cutters, block cutters, blades for hand operated tools, braiders, breast drills, butt mortises', carbide drill bits for hand operated tools, caulk guns, center punches, chisels, chisel sets, clamps, combination clamps, cutters, hand saws, coping saws, counter sinks, cutting guides, demolition bars, shifters, diamond cutting tools (hand tools), dies, die holders, doweling jigs, edgers, files, grippers, grommet tool, hacksaws, hammers, hand drills, hand-operated shapers provided with cutting edges, hatchets, hex key wrenches, mallets, miter boxes, mitre cutters, miter sanders, mitre vices, box cutters, nail pullers, nail sets, needle nose pliers, nut drivers, Phillips head screwdriver, planes, pliers, pocket knives, pry bars, punches, putty knives, rasps, ratchets, ratchet handles and ratchet wrenches, ripping bars, rivet guns, sanding discs, saws, saw sets, scrapers, screwdrivers, screwdriver bits, sharpeners, shears, snips, sockets, socket sets, spoke shaves, snips, socket spanners, spanners, spring clamps, squares, staple guns, tackers, utility knives, vises, multi angle vises, wall paper knives, wire strippers, wood saws, wrenches, wrench sets, wrecking bars