Pipe wrenches; components of hand-operated crimping tools, namely, handles; hand tools, namely, hand operated plumbing snakes; plumbing equipment, namely, hand operated drain snake cables; hand-held and hand-operated tools, namely, augers for hand operated drills; hand-operated tools, namely, ball bearings knock-out sets and parts and accessories therefor; manually operated tools, namely, ball bearing drive bolts, ratchet wrenches, ratchet threaders, torque wrenches, pipe dies; manually operated tools for working with tubing, namely, benders for bending conduit and pipe, conduit sizing tools; hand tools, namely, pipe taps; manually operated cutters, namely, belt cutters, pipe cutters, tube facing cutters, tubing cutters and cutter wheels; manually operated plastic pipe cutters; hand tools, namely, soil pipe cutters, and cable cutters and blades and cutter wheels therefor; hand tools, namely, cable trimmers; hand tools, namely, screw, bolt, nipple and pipe extractors; hammers; sledgehammers; chisels; hatchets; pliers; nippers; shears; snips; screwdrivers; screwdriver bits; saws, namely, hack saws, hole saws, jab saws, universal saws, and compass saws and blades; handles for dies and reamers; compass saw handles; hand saws and blades therefor; manually operated tools, namely, tube soldering clips for use in soldering tubes; wrenches, namely, pipe wrenches, monkey wrenches, compound leverage wrenches, chain pipe extractor wrenches, strap wrenches, hex wrenches, spud wrenches, basin and adjustable end wrenches; vises, namely, pipe vises, multi-purpose metal vises and support stands therefor; hand tools, namely, pipe reamers, pipe die heads, pipe threaders, bolt threaders, pipe roll groovers, pipe and tube benders, pipe and tube expanders, pipe threading dies and bits; hand operated knockout sets for punching holes in pipes; cable cutters; general purpose hand tools, namely, bench vises, , hammers, shovels, screw extractors, electrical wire cutting, stripping and crimping tools, punching dies, flaring tools, bolt cutters, cable trimmers, shovels, and spades; hand-powered drain and sewer cleaning equipment and parts and accessories therefor, namely, closet augers, hand spinners, grappler hooks and flat sewer tapes; drain snakes; drain cables; manually operated pipe deburring tools, namely, tools for removing burrs from pipes and tubing; manually operated pipe and tube flaring tools, namely, tools for flaring pipes and tubing; manually operated pipe and tube sizing tools, namely, tools for sizing pipes and tubing; manually operated tapping tools, namely, tools for forming pipe threads; manually operated tapping machines, namely, manual drills; drain cleaning equipment and parts and accessories therefor, namely, trap spoons, allen wrenches, hex-types wrenches, and grappler hooks, all being manually operated hand tools; hand- operated tools, namely, ratchet wrenches, punch sets and die sets containing punches and dies of various sizes, and metal carrying cases for the above sold as a unit; tools for working with tubing, namely, benders for bending conduit and pipe, sizing tools for reforming deformed conduit walls; pipe taps; sledge hammers; soil pipe assembly tools for assembling gasketed soil pipes of various shapes, namely, ypipes, tee-pipes, elbow pipes and straight pipes; vise benches; Component parts of hand tools in the nature of tubing cutters, namely, metal cutter wheels, metal feed screws, metal pins, plastic knobs and metal clips; accessories and parts for drain cleaning tools being hand tools, namely, metal manhole guide pipes, cables, cable carriers, cable adapters, cable caddies and support stands.