Locking clamps (hand tools); Abrasive discs (hand tools); Cutting discs (hand operated tools); Hand grinding discs; Polishing discs (hand operated tools); Sanding discs (hand operated tools); Cement drills for hand operated drills; Drills; Hand drills (hand tools); Impact drills (hand-operated tools); Twist drills for hand operated tools; Carbide drill bits for hand-operated tools; Diamond drill bits for hand-operated tools; Drill bits for hand operated tools; Adjustable screwdrivers (hand tools); Hand operated multiple function screwdrivers; Non-electric miniature screwdrivers; Non-electric precision screwdrivers; Non-electric gardening tools; Abrasive wheels for use with hand tools; Adjustable spanners (hand tools); Adjustable wrenches (hand tools); Annular hole cutters (hand tools); Augers (hand tools); Bits (hand tools); Blades (hand tools); Box wrenches (hand tools); Builders' squares (hand tools); Caulking cutters (hand tools); Centre punches (hand tools); Countersinks (hand tools); Cutting inserts for use with hand tools; Cutting tools (hand tools); Cutting wheels being parts of hand tools; Die holders (hand tools); Dies (hand tools); Drill holders (hand tools); Edge tools (hand tools); Grinding wheels (hand tools); Hacksaw blades (parts of hand tools); Hammers (hand tools); Hand tools, hand-operated; Hoes (hand tools); Hunting hand tools; Manually driven hand tools; Mitre boxes (hand tools); Picks (hand tools); Pullers (hand tools); Punch pliers (hand tools); Punches (hand tools); Rakes (hand tools); Rasps (hand tools); Ratchet wrenches (hand tools); Ratchets (hand tools); Reamers (hand tools); Riveters (hand tools); Riveting hammers (hand tools); Saw blades (parts of hand tools); Saws (hand tools); Scraping tools (hand tools); Scribers (hand tools); Sharpening wheels (hand tools); Shovels (hand tools); Side cutters (hand tools); Spades (hand tools); Spanners (hand tools); Spatulas (hand tools); Squares (hand tools); Tree branch cutters (hand tools); Tree branch pruners (hand tools); Wire strippers (hand tools); Wrenches (hand tools); Bow saws; Hand operated rivet saws; Hole saws (hand operated); Jig-saws; Pruning saws (hand-operated); Blade knives; Household knives; Hunting knives; Knife blades for hand operated knives; Knives; Palette knives; Pocket knives; Pocket knives with multi-purpose attachments; Pruning knives; Putty knives; Replaceable blade knives; Retractable blade knives; Sheath knives; Sheaths for knives; Trimming knives; Blades for hand-operated planes; Disposable blades for use with edge tools (hand instruments); Disposable blades for use with hand-operated tools; Handsaw blades; Jigsaw blades (parts for hand-operated tools); Safety razor blades; Shear blades; Socket sets (hand-operated tools)