Hunting knives; Folding knives; Fish cleaning knives; Gaffs (hand tools); Bayonets; Bayonets (swords); Blade knives; Dinnerware (knives, forks and spoons); Dinnerware (knives, forks and spoons) of precious metal; Hatchets; Sheaths for hatchets; Holders incorporating sharpening devices; Knife sharpeners (hand operated tools); Knife sharpening instruments (hand operated); Stones being hand operated knife sharpening instruments; Axes; Holing axes; Mortise axes; Sporting axes; Knife steels; Bread knives (hand operated); Budding knives; Ceramic knives; Choppers (knives); Household knives; Knives; Non-electric butchers' knives; Non-electric carving knives for household use; Pocket knives; Pocket knives with multi-purpose attachments; Serving utensils (carving knives); Sheath knives; Sheaths for knives; Slaughtering knives; Sporting knives; Table cutlery (knives, forks and spoons); Table knives; Table services (knives, forks and spoons); Tableware (knives, forks and spoons); Tableware (knives, forks and spoons) coated with precious metal alloys; Tableware (knives, forks and spoons) coated with precious metals; Tableware (knives, forks and spoons) of precious metal; Tableware of precious metals (knives, forks and spoons); Trimming knives; Utility knives; Machetes; Can openers, hand-operated; Can openers, non-electric; Manually operated can openers; Non-electric can openers; Non electric hand saws; Combination pliers; Electricians' pliers; Locking pliers; Pliers; Punch pliers (hand tools); Sharpening steels; Abrasive sharpening stones (hand-operated tools); Sharpening stones; Mining shovels (hand-operated tools); Shovels (hand tools); Stainless steel cutlery (other than for surgical use); Sword scabbards; Swords; Hand-operated tin openers; Tin openers, hand-operated; Tin openers, non-electric; Tungsten carbide hand tools; Bow saws; Butchers saws (hand-operated tools); Hole saws (hand operated); Jig-saws; Keyhole saws (hand operated tools); Pruning saws (hand-operated); Sawing tools for use with hand-operated saws; Saws (hand tools); Hand tools, hand-operated; Hunting hand tools; Hand operated implements for opening cans; Daggers; Bandsaw blades for hand-operated tools; Blades (hand tools); Blades (weapons); Blades for hand-operated tools; Cutlery blades; Cutlery incorporating blades; Disposable blades for use with hand-operated tools; Hacksaw blades (parts of hand tools); Handsaw blades; Jigsaw blades (parts for hand-operated tools); Knife blades for hand operated knives; Saw blades (parts of hand tools); Saw blades for use with hand-operated tools; Shear blades; Replaceable blade knives; Retractable blade knives; Hobby knives (scalpels); Scaling knives; Serving knives; Harpoons for fishing