Grindstones (hand tools); instruments and tools for skinning animals; polishing irons (glazing tools); diggers (hand tools); swords; harpoons; scabbards (sword-); cutlery, side arms, razor blades; picks (hand tools); rakes (hand tools); shovels (hand tools); hoes (hand tools); carpenters augers; hammers (hand tools); planes; hand drills (hand tools); crow bars; punches (hand tools); axes; scrapers (hand tools); hand presses; guns (hand tools); abrading instruments (hand instruments); knife steels; sharpening wheels (hand tools); sharpening stones; nail punches; foundry ladles (hand tools); tube cutting instruments; stamping-out tools (hand tools); expanders (hand tools); guns, hand-operated, for the extrusion of mastics; lifting jacks, hand-operated; scythe stone; irons (non-electric hand tools); hand pumps; daggers; riveters (hand tools); ratchets (hand tools); stamps (hand tools); tined cultivator; sharpening instruments; blade sharpening instruments; grinding wheels (emery -); scythe rings; mattocks; garden tools (hand-operated); bow saws; pick hammers; stone hammers; jig-saws; frames for handsaws; saws (hand tools); spanners (hand tools); screw stocks (hand tools); screw-thread cutters (hand tools); gimlets (hand tools); hatchets; saw blades (parts of hand tools); levers; mallets (hand instruments); chisels; tape (hand tools); screwdrivers; pliers; tongs; pincers; drill holders (hand tools); cutting tools (hand tools); scraping tools (hand tools); wire strippers (hand tools); rock drilling tools; perforating tools (hand tools); tube cutters (hand tools); drills; tweezers; palette knives; penknives; cutters; cleavers; secateurs; machetes; nippers; trowels; blades (hand tools); Reamer sockets; bits (parts of hand tools); mortise chisels; files (tools); pruning scissors; wick trimmers (scissors); weeding forks (hand tools); sledgehammers; awls; sprayers (insecticide -) (hand tools); diamonds (glaziers'-) (parts of hand tools); silver plates (knives, forks and spoons); scythes; hand tools and implements, hand-operated; scissors; lawn clippers (hand instruments); agricultural implements (hand operated); table cutleries (knives, forks and spoons); tree pruners; pruning shears