Cleaning tools (other than household instruments); hand tools (hand operated) for cleaning; hand-operated portable cleaning implements; hand tools and implements (hand operated); hand drills; drill bits; garden tools; adzes; hand-operated agricultural implements; augers; axes; cutting bars; hand tool bits; blade sharpening instruments; blades for planes; hand tool blades; tool belts; tool holders; borers; bow saws; hammers; centre punches; non-electric food slicers; chisels; choppers; clamps, including carpenters clamps; cleavers; crow bars; cutters; hand operated cutting tools; dies; drill holders; portable drill stands for hand-operated drills; standard shank drills (hand-operated tools); taper shank bits (parts for hand-operated tools); hand operated earth rammers; hand operated edge tools; non-electric egg slicers; nail extractors; hand held files; fire irons; hand operated fireplace bellows; frames for handsaws; hole saws (hand operated); hand operated gouges; emery grinding wheels; grindstones; hand operated hammers; hatchets; hand operated hoes; jig-saws; knife steels; hand operated lawn clippers; hand operated mallets; hand operated meat choppers; mitre boxes; mortars for pounding; mortise axes; mortise chisels; nippers; palette knives; hand operated perforating tools; pestles for pounding; pickaxes; pick hammers; hand operated picks; pin punches; pincers; planes; pliers; pruning knives; pruning scissors; pruning shears; hand operated pumps; punch pliers; hand operated punches; hand operated rakes; hand operated rammers, including earth rammers; rasps; ratchets; reamers and reamer sockets; hand operated riveters and riveting hammers; dollies for holding rivets; hand operated rivet saws; hand saw blades; saw holders; hand operated saws; hand operated scrapers; screwdrivers; hand operated screw-thread cutters; scythes; secateurs; hand operated sharpening instruments, steels, wheels and stones; hand operated shovels; sickles; sledgehammers; spades; spanners; screw spanners; sockets (hand operated tools); sets of socket spanners; socket sets (hand-operated tools); spindle adapter flanges; spindle shafts; spatulas; hand operated stamping-out tools and stamps; stone hammers; stretchers for wire and metal bands; wrenches, including tap wrenches; adjustable wrenches; box wrenches; monkey wrenches; open ended wrenches; ratchet wrenches; socket wrenches; torque wrenches; brick splitters (hand operated tools); hand-operated staplers (tools); spray nozzles being parts of hand-operated tools; tool bags (filled); taps (hand tools); threaders; tongs; tree pruners; trowels, including gardening trowels; hand operated tube cutting instruments; vices; apparatus for clamping work pieces; work holding apparatus (vices), other than parts of machines; weeding forks; whetstone holders; whetstones; parts, fittings and accessories for all of the aforesaid goods