Awls; axes; bludgeons; bow saws; cleavers; daggers; drawing knives; engraving needles; forks; glazing irons; goffering irons; leather strops; molding irons; nippers; palette knives; planes; pliers; razor blades; scaling knives; screwdrivers; sharpening instruments; sharpening stones; shears; spoons; tongs; trowels; truncheons; hand pumps; hand drills (hand tools); hand tools, hand-operated; hackles (hand tools); ditchers (hand tools); scrapers (hand tools); rasps (hand tools); punches (hand tools); riveters (hand tools); hoes (hand tools); rams (hand tools); guns (hand tools); rammers (hand tools); grindstones (hand tools); diggers (hand tools); augers (hand tools); bits (hand tools); taps (hand tools); shearers (hand instruments); squares (hand tools); fullers (hand tools); saws (hand tools); wrenches (hand tools); spanners (hand tools); ratchets (hand tools); dies (hand tools); spatulas (hand tools); ladles (hand tools); spades (hand tools); shovels (hand tools); rakes (hand tools); stamps (hand tools); expanders (hand tools); embossers (hand tools); mallets (hand instruments); hammers (hand tools); braiders (hand tools); gimlets (hand tools); blades (hand tools); picks (hand tools); gouges (hand tools); frames for handsaws; priming irons (hand tools); cutting tools (hand tools); scraping tools (hand tools); foundry ladles (hand tools); centre punches (hand tools); fireplace; bellows (hand tools); weeding forks (hand tools); punch pliers (hand tools); agricultural implements, hand-operated; sharpening wheels (hand tools); edge tools (hand tools); drill holders (hand tools); nail drawers (hand tools); fulling tools (hand tools); lifting jacks, hand-operated; lasts (shoemakers hand tools); perforating tools (hand tools); riveting hammers (hand tools); paring irons (hand tools); screw stocks (hand tools); graving tools (hand tools); fruit pickers (hand tools); earth rammers (hand tools); milling cutters (hand tools); thistle extirpators (hand tools); tube cutters (hand tools); wire stretchers (hand tools); fleshing knives (hand tools); meat choppers (hand tools); mincing knives (hand tools); lawn clippers (hand instruments); garden tools, hand-operated; hoop cutters (hand tools); grafting tools (hand tools); fish tapes (hand tools); draw wires (hand tools); wire strippers (hand tools); bits (parts of hand tools); screw-thread cutters (hand tools); stamping-out tools (hand tools); irons (non-electric hand tools); metal band stretchers (hand tools); implements for decanting liquids (hand tools); miter boxes (hand tools); hair clippers for animals (hand instruments); hollowing bits (parts of hand tools); glaziers diamonds (parts of hand tools); saw blades (parts of hand tools); guns, hand-operated, for the extrusion of mastics; stretchers for wire and metal bands (hand tools)