All tools in this class, abrading instruments, adzes, hand operated agricultural implements, augers, awls, axes, bevels, drill bits, blades for planes, blade sharpening instruments, borers, bow saws, centre punches, chisels, clamps, cutting tools, dies, diggers, ditchers, drills, drill holders, earth rammers, edging tools, grinding wheels, nail extractors, files, rasps, hand saws, hand saw frames, garden tools, hackles, hammers, hatchets, hoes, hoop cutters, hand operated jacks, jigsaws, lawn clippers, levers, machetes, mallets, mattocks, mortise axes, mortise chisels, punches, perforating tools, pickaxes, pickhammers, picks, planes, pliers, multi-grips, rakes, riveters, saws, saw blades, screw drivers, shovels, spades, sledge hammers, non-electric soldering apparatus, soldering irons, squares, stone hammers, sharpening stones, tap wrenches, spanners, taps, tree pruners, trowels, vices, sharpening wheels, non-electric welding apparatus, wire stretchers, wrenches, allen key system, torx drive system, automotive tools in this class, bricklaying tools and accessories in this class, castors, chain lifting systems, concreting tools and accessories, cutting tools and accessories, engineering instruments, fastening tools, garden tools, levels, mitres, measuring tapes wrecking bars, caulking guns, stud finders, plum bobs, dowelling jigs, marking gauges, window scrapers, staple guns, distance measurer, suction cups, ladders, plaster tools, plumbing tools, sockets and spanners, tool boxes, trolleys, welding tools, woodworking tools, cargo hooks
All goods in this class including hand tools and implements, drill holders, drill bits and drills, driver bits and sockets, automotive tools including air blow guns, pick up tool, scriber, scriber pick and hook set, screw starter, hose clamp pliers, hacksaw, door panel removing tool, engine cylinder hone and replacement stone sets, piston ring compressors, valve spring compressors, filter wrench and strap filter wrench, clutch pilot tool, clutch assembly/disassembly tool, carburettor jet tool, idle screw adjuster, pipe cutter, clutch aligning/assembly tool, cylinder compression tester, piston ring expander, piston ring groove cleaner, brake cylinder hone, disc brake calliper tools, T handle, drum brake adjusting tools, coil spring compressors, hub puller, screw drivers, ball joint separator, tie rod spreader, arm puller, steering wheel puller, harmonic balancer puller, scraper, tube cutter, flaring tool, feeler gauge, door handle tool, pliers including circlip pliers, power/impact screw driving bits, band adjusting tool, collet retainer, valve retainer, valve collets installer, and trim tool all being goods included in this class; pullers for removing gears, bearings, pulleys and wheels and other press-fit parts; vacuum pumps; oil filter crushers; nut splitters; hand tools, namely adjustable wrenches, pliers, chain wrenches, spreaders, spanner wrenches, pry bars, jimmy bars, reversible ratchet sets, thread chasers, gear shaft and bearing pullers and o-ring seal picks; hand tools for servicing suspension bushing for trucks-namely, hand operated truck tandem suspension bushing removers and installers; special purpose automotive engine, clutch, transmission, rear axle, suspension and brake service tools; magnetic pick-up tools; punches; hex key wrenches