Ties of metal for use in brickwork; Ties of metal for use in building; Wall ties of metal; Air diffusers of metal (vents, grills) for ventilating, heating and air conditioning installations; Air vents of metal for buildings; Metal ventilation channels; Roof vents of metal; Ventilation grilles of metal for fitting in windows; Ventilators (vents) of metal for buildings; Venting ducts of metal; Vents of metal; Articles of metal for use in joinery; Joists of metal; Structural support joists of metal for the construction of floors; Metal studs (other than for football boots, clothing or vehicle tyres); Studding being metallic framing for walls; Studding of metal; Fixing nails of metal; Nails; Nails of metal; Tacks (nails); Architectural fasteners of metal; Metal bolts (fasteners); Screw threaded fasteners of metal; Threaded fasteners made of common metal; Anchor bolts of metal; Bolts of metal; Screw bolts of metal; Nailplates (metal) for the assembly of roof trusses; Adjustable base plates of metal; Anchor plates; Fixing plates of metal; Flange plates of metal; Galvanized steel plate; Plates being metal building elements; Sheets and plates of metal; Support plates of metal; Tie plates; Boundary posts of metal; Metal anchor sockets for posts; Posts of metal; Support posts of metal for signs; Anchorage plates of metal; Anchoring devices of metal; Metal anchors; Caps formed from metal; Corner cap components of metal; Devices of metal for fixing plane surfaces onto frame supports; Structural support members of metal; Support fixings of metal for building structures; Supporting arms of metal (fixed or articulated); Supports of metal for frameworks; Supports of metal for use in the building of formwork; Supports of metal for use in the construction of formwork; Temporary structures of metal for supporting purposes; Wedges of metal