Spacers being building elements made of metal; acoustic panels of metal for walls; anchors of metal; anchor plates; reinforcing materials of metal for building; reinforcement rods of metal; reinforcing bars of metal for use in brickwork; reinforcing pins of metal for formwork; cladding of metal for building; beams of common metal for formwork systems; panels of metal for cladding on buildings; fittings of metal for building; building materials of metal; building components (metal -) in the form of slabs; building structures of metal; reinforcement materials (metal -) for construction; steel building materials; metal materials for building and construction; building and construction materials and elements of metal; building panels of metal; buildings of metal; metal fastening anchors [for securing pictures to walls]; architectural fasteners of metal; shuttering of metal for concrete; reinforcing bars of metal for use in concrete; bolts of metal; bridge bearings [construction materials] of metal; containers of metal [storage, transport]; containers of metal for storage, transport and packaging; wire cloth; pegs of metal; wall plugs of metal; metal brackets; brackets of metal for building; ores of metal; facades of metal; curtain walling of metal; facade construction components of metal; metallic building facade elements; cladding of metal for facades; fabricated metal components for building foundations; refractory construction materials of metal; mouldings of metal for building; scaffolding of metal; frameworks of metal; framework of metal for building; hooks [metal hardware]; metal panels for buildings having insulating properties; non-electric cables and wires of common metal; staples for construction use; small items of metal hardware; alloys of common metal; wall claddings of metal for building; reinforcing materials, of metal, for concrete; metal containers for the storage and transportation of goods; ties of metal for use in building; frames of metal for building; architectural metalwork for use in building; building beams (metal -); linings (metal -) for use in construction; metal goods for use in construction; nuts, bolts and fasteners, of metal; nails; unwrought or semi-wrought common metals; steel, unwrought or semi-wrought; pillars of metal; pillars of metal for building; overhead suspension tracks of metal; screws of metal; nuts of metal; steel reinforcement for use in the construction of concrete floors; steel sheets; steel buildings; steel alloys unwrought or semi-wrought; rods of metal; statues and works of art of common metals; bracings of metal; props of metal; beams of metal; frameworks of metal for ceilings; buildings, transportable, of metal; partitions of metal; door fittings of metal; doors, gates, windows and window coverings of metal; common metals and their alloys; faceplates of metal; linings of metal for building; casings of metal; casings of metal for oilwells; modular building units (metal -); metal panels; wall covering of metal for buildings; wall linings of metal for building; architectural hardware made of common metals and alloys thereof; ties of metal for use in brickwork; ties of metal for tying.