Sections, pipes, plates, sheets and foils made of metal for windows, doors, carriage entrances, staircases, gates, claddings, partitions, floors and ceilings, facades, roofs, booths, glazing frames and prefabricated elements; windows, doors, carriage entrances, roll screens, staircases, gates, linings and claddings for windows, doors, partition walls, beams, ceilings, facades, booths; eaves and/or cantilevered roofing, glazing frames and prefabricated elements; non-electric opening and closing devices designed for windows, doors and carriage entrances, letter boxes, inlets for letter boxes, inlets for switches (excluding those designed for electric switches), lockers, service hatches, ventilation, sound proofing, dust collection and fire protection installations and systems, namely partition walls, multilayer doors and windows; window sills, rain protection installations, namely antirain water disposal flashing and antirain flashing sections, balustrades for staircases, balconies and bridges, enclosures, gratings, posts, masts and scaffolding; pavilions and mobile exhibition stands; screws, threaded bolts, pins, pegs and bolts, clips, rivets, spikes, nails, pegs, journals and straight joints for sections and end caps; installations for ventilating, namely transoms, air ducts, ventilating flaps and sliding ventilation devices for windows, doors and facades; hinges, latches and iron mountings; all the above goods made of metal and capable of containing wood, glass or plastic materials