Screws in stainless metals; Screws of metal; Self-drilling metal screws; Self-drilling screws in stainless metals; Self-tapping metal screws; Socket head cap screws of metal; Clamps of metal for use in beam formwork; Hose clamps of metal; Metal clamps for fastening pipes; Wire clamps; Aluminium discs; Metal discs; Architectural fasteners of metal; Industrial fasteners of metal; Metal bolts (fasteners); Screw threaded fasteners of metal; Anchor bolts of metal; Bolts (flat); Bolts of metal; Door bolts of metal; Eye bolts; Fixing bolts of metal; Lock bolts; Lock bolts of metal; Metal bolts for locking doors; U-bolts of metal; Latches of metal; Door hinges of metal; Hinges of metal; Metal hinges; Locks (other than electric) of metal; Locks (other than electric) of metal for windows; Chain hooks of common metal; Clothes hooks of metal; Hooks (metal hardware); Hooks of metal; Hooks of metal for articles of clothing; Metal hooks for towels; Metal hooks for wall hangings; Towel hooks of metal; Wall hooks of metal; Articles of metal for use as plumbing fittings; Connectors of metal for use in plumbing; Pulleys incorporating bearings (other than parts of machines); Pulleys of metal (other than for machines); Pulleys of metal for use with cable (other than parts of machines); Pulleys of metal for use with rope (other than parts of machines); Pulleys of metal incorporating bearings (other than parts of machines); Tow ropes of metal; Wire ropes; Flux coated rods for welding; Welding metals; Castors of metal for furniture; Metal shackles; Metal hoses; Hose fittings of metal (parts of machines or engines)
Scaffolding; access platforms made of metal; articles of ironmongery; anchor plates; scaffold towers; metal fixtures for scaffolding; tower scaffolding of metal; metal couplers; metal scaffolding base; metal pulleys; metal safety gates; metal clamps; metal transoms; metal brackets; support plates of metal; structures of metal; access platforms (scaffolding); work platforms (structures); work platforms (scaffolding); mobile aerial working platforms (scaffolding); parts and fittings for scaffolding, access platforms and work platforms; metal frames for supporting work and access platforms; metal work towers; mobile aerial work platforms; ladders; ladder braces and supports against slippage; ladder stabilisers; elevated height and roof walking safety frames; metal decking; metal railings; handrails of metal; guard rails of metal; metal tubing (none being boiler tubes or parts of machines); brackets and support brackets; barriers of metal; safety barriers of metal; fixing, fastening, clamping and anchoring devices of metal; articles of metal for arresting the fall of persons from structures; plates, clamps, brackets, bolt covers, clips, couplers, stop ends, end caps, nuts, cable clips, screws, washers, dividers, turnbuckles, covers, bolts, closure strips, cover clips, threaded rod and connectors of metal; pin racks; flanges; cantilever arms; channel nuts; connectors, fixtures and fittings of common metal; anchorage plates of metal; bracings of metal; metal joinery fittings; metal nuts, bolts and fasteners; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods
Scale model cars (ornaments) of common metal; miniature car models (ornaments) of common metal; model aeroplanes, cars, figures, motor vehicles, vehicles (ornaments) made of common metals; model (ornaments) of common metal; artistic objects of common metal; decorative action figures of bronze; decorative action figures of common metal; decorative articles made of base metals; decorative objects in base metals; figurines (statuettes) made from bronze; figurines for ornamental purposes made from common metal; statues and statuettes made of bronze and common metal, common metal coated with bronze; statues of common metal in the form of figures; busts of non-precious metal; monuments of non-precious metal; identification bracelets of metal; identification plates of metal, tags of metal; identity plates of metal; vehicle locks of metal (non-electric); vehicle number plates of metal; vehicle registration plates of metal; works of art of common metal; assembled display units (structures) made of metal; assembled exhibition stands (structures) made of metal; assemblies (structures) of metal for display purposes; decorative nut caps of common metal; display signs of metal (non-luminous, non-mechanical); exhibition booths (stands) of metal; exhibition display stands of metal; common metals and their alloys, ores; metal materials for building and construction; transportable buildings of metal; non-electric cables and wires of common metal; small items of metal hardware; metal containers for storage or transport; safes; accessories, parts, and fittings for the aforesaid goods allowed in this class