Rolled, drawn, pressed, forged and cast components and profile parts of steel or metal, in particular for the extension of ways, stays, bottoms and shafts of mineworkings, of galleries, tunnels, channels, protective areas, protective bunkers and protective galleries, and for road building and hydraulic engineering; frames, rings, arches, roof timbers, props, supports, foot plates, brackets, braces, joints and sheathing and bolting elements of steel or metal for the extension of ways, stays, bottoms and shafts of mineworkings, of galleries, tunnels, channels, protective rooms, protective bunkers and protective galleries, and for road building and hydraulic engineering; trough profiles and web profiles of steel or metal; connecting elements and connecting pieces of steel or metal and connections consisting thereof, for extension arches, roof support systems, support rings, roof timbering, extension props and support shields; clips; shackles, retention shackles, ear-type shackles; screws, nuts and bolts; floor joists, support brackets, roof timber mountings and roof timber support shoes of steel or metal; timbering for ways, tunnels, galleries and shafts and parts therefor of steel or metal, in particular formwork arches, formwork rings, loose and fixed formwork shells, braces, folding sections, frameworks, joints, anchors, foot plates and floor joists; falsework of steel or metal, loose and fixed formwork shells of steel or metal, tubbings of steel or metal for tunnel, gallery and shaft construction, for road building and for hydraulic engineering; flanges, connecting elements and shackle straps of steel or metal for tubbings; steel panel trays, sheet metal panel trays, sheet metal profiles, formwork sheets, trench sheeting panels; valves of metal, namely relief valves, safety valves, cutoff valves, control valves, butterfly valves, reducing valves, reversing valves, quick-acting gate valves, check valves, circulating valves and suction valves; pipes and tubes ofmetal; fittings of metal for water and pressure pipes; chains of metal, in particular round steel link chains; gates, doors and shutters of metal, in particular entrance gates, safety doors, protective gates and protective doors, in particular water, fire and radiation protection gates and doors, clean room doors; non-automatic turnstiles; signs and panels and barrier posts and panels, non-luminous and non-mechanical, of metal, for roads; bollards of metal; road barriers of metal; preassembled building parts, shaped parts, profile parts of metal, and sheets and plates of metal in the form of crash barriers, crash walls, skid barriers, noise protection embankments and sight-screen walls for roads; building parts, shaped parts and profile parts of metal for crash barriers, crash sight-screen walls for roads
Roller shutters of metal; Aluminium windows; Armoured windows having metal frames; Casement windows of metal; Cladding devices of metal for picture windows; Cladding of metal for windows; Cladding of metal incorporating windows; Clamps of metal for fixing windows; Cremone bolts of metal for windows; External metal shutters for windows; Fasteners of metal being security devices for windows; Fittings of metal for windows; Frames of metal for windows; Glazed windows (metal frame); Handles of metal for windows; Hardware of metal for windows; Insect screens of metal for windows; Ironwork for windows; Lead strips for use on windows; Locks (other than electric) of metal for windows; Mechanisms of metal (non-electric) for lifting windows; Mechanisms of metal (non-electric) for locking windows; Mechanisms of metal (non-electric) for opening windows; Mechanisms of metal (non-electric) for sliding windows; Metal casement windows; Metal components for windows; Metal fitted windows; Metal fittings for windows; Metal frame stained glass windows; Metal mountings for windows; Metal rollers for sliding windows; Metal sash fasteners for windows; Metal sash windows; Metal skylight windows; Metal windows; Metallic frames for windows; Metallic insect screens for windows; Metallic windows; Non-electric closers of metal for windows; Non-electric locking devices of metal for windows; Opening devices of metal for windows (non-electric); Opening mechanisms of metal for windows (non-electric); Ready made windows made of metal; Roof fanlights (windows) of metal; Roof windows of metal; Safety fittings of metal for windows (non-electric); Sash balances of metal for windows; Sash fasteners of metal for windows; Shaped blocks of metal for use in the construction of windows; Skylights of metal (windows); Structural parts of metal of windows; Sun protection gratings of metal for windows; Ventilation grilles of metal for fitting in windows; Wall windows of metal; Windows of metal
Rolled products in the form of steel sheet; Sheet steel; Sheet steel alloy; Stainless steel in sheet form; Stainless steel in strip form; Steel; Steel building materials; Steel fabrications; Steel in plate form; Steel in sheet form; Steel in strip form; Steel in the form of profiles; Steel sheets; Steel strip; Steel strips; Steels in sheet form; Structural steelwork; Arches of metal; Arches of metallic materials for supporting plants; Architectural fittings of metal; Articles of metal for use in construction; Articles of metal for use in the civil engineering industry; Articles of metal for use in the garden; Articles of metal hardware for architectural purposes; Assembled display units (structures) made of metal; Boundary rails of metal; Building components of metal; Building materials of metal; Building panels of metal; Cladding made of metal; Cladding of metal for facades; Cladding panels of metal; Cladding panels of metal for wall construction; Closing sheets of metal; Cold rolled metal profiles; Cold rolled metal sheets incorporating a surface pattern; Cold rolled sections of metal for use in the building industry; Cold rolled sections of metal for use in the construction industry; Construction elements of metal; Construction materials of metal; Construction sheets of metal; Containers of metal for growing seeds; Earth retaining structures of metal; Edging strips of metal for decorative purposes; Extrusions of metal; Fabricated metal articles; Facade elements of metal; Facade facings of metal; Facades of metal; Fence panels of metal; Fences of metal; Fencing materials of metal; Longitudinal sections of metal; Metal angles; Metal articles for use in construction; Metal barriers; Metal bars (common metal); Metal bollards for roads (non-luminous and non-mechanical); Metal brackets; Metal building blocks; Metal building fronts; Metal building materials; Metal building materials in the form of panels; Metal building materials in the form of sheets; Metal building materials in the form of strips; Metal building panels; Metal cavity barriers; Metal water tanks; Metallic articles for building purposes; Metallic bands for reinforcing concrete; Metallic building components; Metallic building elements; Metallic building facade elements; Metallic building structures; Metallic divisions (partitions); Metallic facade elements for buildings; Metallic fences; Metallic profiles; Edging strips of metal; Metal edgings; Path edgings made of metal materials; Stair edgings of metal; Metal planters being plant containers; Planters of metal; Retaining walls of metal; Cladding of metal for construction and building; Cladding of metal for walls; Metal cladding; Metal wall claddings; Panels of metal for cladding on buildings; Sheet metal for cladding; Supports of metal for use in panel cladding; Wall claddings of metal (building); Formwork for concrete, of metal; Formwork of metal; Formwork supports of metal; Supports of metal for use in the construction of formwork; Garden bed frames of metal; Garden stakes of metal; Metal garden stakes