Racking (structures) of metal for storage purposes; Consignment shelving (structures) of metal; Continuous transit shelving (structures) of metal); Metal shelving (other than furniture); Modular shelving (structures) of metal; Shelving frames of metal (other than furniture); Shelving made of metal (other than furniture); Mobile storage racks (structures) of metal; Racks of metal for storage (other than furniture); Relocatable metal storage racks (structures); Relocatable metal storage units (other than furniture); Storage apparatus (structures) of metal; Storage frames (structures) of metal; Storage installations (structures) of metal; Storage modules (structures) of metal; Storage rails (structures) of metal; Storage shelves (structures) of metal; Metal prefabricated elements for building; Modular prefabricated steel framing; Prefabricated building components (metal); Prefabricated building elements (metal); Prefabricated building materials (metal); Prefabricated buildings (metal); Prefabricated elements of metal for building; Prefabricated extensions of metal for buildings; Prefabricated metal building structures; Prefabricated metal buildings; Prefabricated metal walling; Prefabricated partition walls of metal; Prefabricated roof structures of metal; Prefabricated roof units of metal; Prefabricated shelves (structures) of metal; Prefabricated wall structures of metal; Prefabricated walling of metal; Structures of metal for use as prefabricated building foundations; Fixings of metal for shelves; Rack bars for shelves (metal); Shelves (structures) of metal; Shelves of metal (structures)