Pre-painted steel strip; clad aluminium strip; aluminium strip; metallic strips; steel strip, aluminium; aluminium and its alloys; aluminium siding; aluminium foil; castings, foils, powder, and rolled, drawn or extruded semi-finished articles of aluminium or its alloys; steel; rolled steel; steel, unwrought or semi-wrought, clad steel plates and sheets; roofing of metal; roofing panels of metal; copper, unwrought or semi-wrought; zinc and its alloys; lead and its alloys; lead, unwrought or semi-wrought; roof coverings of metal; linings of metal for building; roof gutters of metal; pipes of metal; steel pipes; pipe muffs of metal; junctions of metal for pipes; elbows of metal for pipes, strap-hinges of metal: props of metal; clips of metal for cables and pipes; angle irons; collars of metal for fastening pipes; tool boxes of metal, empty; tool chests of metal, empty, laths of metal; manifolds of metal for pipelines; flashing of metal, for building; roof flashing of metal; drain pipes of metal, chimney cowls of metal; sheets and plates of metal; slabs of metal for building; floor tiles of metal; alloys of common metal, building panels of metal; arbours [structures of metal]; branching pipes of metal; linings of metal [building]; wainscotting of metal; roofing tiles of metal; pipework of metal; zinc; coated aluminum sheet strips for roofing and facade applications; iron or steel scraps; brass, unwrought or semi-wrought; iron, unwrought or semi-wrought; ingots of common metal; iron ores; tungsten; nickel; chromium; cadmium; molybdenum; zirconium; cobalt, raw; beryllium [glucinium]; tin; chrome iron ores; copper ores; titanium; cast iron; bronze; chrome ores; ores of metal; zinc-coated steel sheets; aluminum alloys; iron strip; aluminum ingots; common metals; alloys of common metal; ores of metal; building materials of metal.
Protective metal guard mountings for surfaces; Protective metal mountings for surfaces; Protective screens of metal; Safety and caution cones (beacons of metal, non-luminous); Temporary structures of metal for safety purposes; Industrial fasteners of metal; Bumper guards of metal (other than for vehicles); Temporary structures made of metal; Temporary walls of metal; Couplings of metal for flexible pipes; Flexible corrugated tubes of metal (other than for sanitary installations); Flexible metal pipes (other than parts of sanitary installations); Flexible metal tubes (other than parts of sanitary installations); Flexible strip wound pipes of metal (other than parts of sanitary installations); Insulated flexible hoses of metal; Metallic flexible pipes (other than parts of machines, engines or sanitary installations); Metal bollards for roads (non-luminous and non-mechanical); Mooring bollards of metal; Articles made of metallic materials for defining barriers; Crash barriers of metal for roads; Guidance barriers of metal; Hazard warning barriers (metal, fixed and moveable); Intruder barriers of metal; Metal barriers; Metal cavity barriers; Metal security barriers; Assembled exhibition stands (structures) made of metal; Metal display stands; Portable stands of metal for use by spectators; Stands being metallic structures; Stands of metal for road signs; Directional signage of metal for roads (non-luminous, non-mechanical); Grilles of metal for roads; Metal barricades for roads; Metal road signs; Panels of metal for use as road signs; Signs, non-luminous and non-mechanical, of metal, for roads; Boundary posts of metal; Boundary rails of metal; Metal boundary posts; Fences of metal; Metal connectors for fastening together parts of fences; Metallic fences; Railings of metal in the nature of fences; Aluminium supports for panels; Structural support members of metal; Support fixings of metal for building structures; Support plates of metal; Support posts of metal for signs; Supports of metal for frameworks; Temporary structures of metal for supporting purposes; Aluminium products for signs; Non-luminous metal signs; Safety signs of metal (non-luminous, non-mechanical); Metallic flags; Fencing made of common metal coated with plastics materials; Metal adaptors for plastic pipes (other than parts of machines or sanitary installations); Metal sheet materials coated with plastics; Fence posts of metal; Metal anchor sockets for posts; Metal fencing posts; Posts of metal; Barrier poles of metal; Metal pole cups; Metal poles (other than aerials or for watercraft); Poles of metal; Removable partitions (structures) of metal; Metal materials for use in civil engineering; Metal reinforcement materials for civil engineering; Products of metal for use in structural engineering
Props of metal; Sleeves (metal hardware); Architectural hardware made of common metals; Safety chains of metal; Rings of metal for keys (ring only); Keys of metal; Vice claws of metal; Tool boxes of metal (empty); Signboards of metal; Works of art of common metal; Ironmongery; Articles of metal hardware for architectural purposes; Metal hardware for buildings; Hardware of metal (small); Clips of metal for sealing bags; Chains of metal; Couplings of metal for chains; Door closers (non-electric); Door springs (non-electric); Clothes hooks of metal; Door openers, non-electric; Hinges of metal; Architectural fittings of metal; Fittings of metal for beds; Fittings of metal for buildings; Fittings of metal for cabinets; Fittings of metal for doors; Fittings of metal for furniture; Fittings of metal for gates; Fittings of metal for pipes; Fittings of metal for windows; Window openers, non-electric; Common metal alloys; Iron alloys; Artistic castings of common metal; Building castings of metal; Door knockers of metal; Door stops of metal; Alloyed steels; Coated steels; Continuous annealed steels; Forgings in steels (semi-finished); High grade steels; High speed steels; Rust resistant steels; Steels for armour; Steels for packaging; Steels in sheet form; Structural steels; Tubes in grades of stainless steels; Metal hinges; Metal knobs; Metal locks (non electric); Metal brackets; Bathtub grab bars of metal; Buckles of common metal (hardware); Frames of metal for building; Metal hooks for towels; Metal hooks for wall hangings; Metal bars (common metal); Latches of metal; Metal poles (other than aerials or for watercraft); Metal railings; Metal rails; Towel hooks of metal; Cylinder locks of metal; Furniture locks of metal; Locks of metal for bags; Locks of metal for handbags; Locks of metal for vehicles; Locks of metal incorporating straps; Magnet locks of metal; Non-electric door locks of metal; Safety locks of metal (non-electric); Security devices (locks) of metal for vehicles; Spring locks of metal; Vehicle locks of metal (non-electric); Zip locks of metal; Assemblies of metal doors adapted to fold; Assemblies of metal doors adapted to slide; Metal door fittings; Metal door hardware; Metal doors; Wheel clamps (boots); Wheel clamps of metal (other than anti-theft for vehicles); Pipework of metal; Pipe muffs of metal; Branching pipes of metal; Cable junction sleeves of metal, non-electric; Gates of metal; Gates of metal, for the protection of children; Staircases of metal; Screw rings; Nuts of metal; Metal key racks (other than furniture); Statues of common metal; Statues of common metal coated with bronze; Statues of common metal in the form of figures; Statues of common metal alloys
Products made of common metals and their alloys, castings, forgings and other components of a common metal or an alloy of common metals being screwspikes, bolts, nuts threaded rods, rail clips, cast Iron baseplates, alloy steel threaded anchors, machined plates; railway components, connectors, fasteners and fittings of common metal or alloys; materials of metal for railways including: rails, railway tracks, railway points, railway sleeper components of metal and railway construction, railway switches; rail base-plates and other railway track devices, rail fasteners, top plates, rail-anchoring fixtures such as screw-spikes, screw-spike dowels and spring washers, threaded rods, rail-holding clips and ballast mats; sound and/or vibration attenuating fixtures for railway tracks especially resilient fixtures for anchoring rails of a transport system to a support or foundation, and parts of such fixtures or to be used in conjunction therewith; common metals and their alloys including chrome iron, chrome ores, cast iron (unwrought or semi-wrought), cast steel, iron ores, iron (chrome), iron (unwrought or semi-wrought); linings of metal; ironmongery, small items of metal hardware including castings made of metal; goods of common metal not included in other classes; composite products consisting of two or more materials such as ceramic or elastomer combined with metal, but being largely of metal being cast Iron baseplates; goods of common metals and their alloys combined with ceramics and/or elastomers, not included in other classes being aluminium alloy backing plates for use with rubber strips as platform gap filler solutions; railway equipment made largely or wholly of metal, including suspension and bogie components, bridge bearings
Props of metal; cermets; doors of metal; ironwork for windows; brackets of metal for building; gratings of metal; buildings, transportable, of metal; casement windows of metal; building materials of metal; window frames of metal; door frames of metal; windows of metal; refractory construction materials of metal; washers of metal; rings of metal; crampons of metal [cramps]; screws of metal; nuts of metal; window pulleys; window casement bolts; window fasteners of metal; fittings of metal for windows; door closers, non-electric; bed casters of metal; door knockers of metal; furniture casters of metal; clothes hooks of metal; door handles of metal; hardware of metal, small; bolts, flat; knobs of metal; door openers, non-electric; runners of metal for sliding doors; hooks of metal for clothes rails; towel dispensers, fixed, of metal; fittings of metal for beds; door fittings of metal; window openers, non-electric; window closers, non-electric; bathtub grab bars of metal; sash fasteners of metal for windows; door fasteners of metal; non-electric metal door bells; rails of metal; springs [metal hardware]; pulleys of metal, other than for machines; pins [hardware]; safety chains of metal; chains of metal; copper rings; locks of metal, other than electric; locks of metal for vehicles; locks of metal for bags; keys of metal; fittings of metal for building; fittings of metal for furniture; door springs, non-electric; door bolts of metal; hinges of metal; stops of metal; couplings of metal for chains; rails of metal for household purpose
Pressed, stamped, drawn and rolled common metals and their alloys; metal beams; metal uprights, rails and slotted angle rails used for the construction of racking and storage installations; metal shelving, racks, and racking; storage apparatus and installations of metal; sectional units for shelving and for racking; angle irons of metal; metal channels used for the construction of sliding components of racking installations and shelf racking; metal connector plates and floor plates used for the construction of racking installations and shelf racking; metal sheets; stands of common metal, namely, adjustable stands for use in shelf racking; containers of metal for storage of goods; fixed metal structures, namely, staircases, walkways, ramps for use with pallet-loaders, ramps for use with trolleys, buildings and shelters; constructional frameworks of metal for building, panels made of metal; tool holders; containers; partitions; picking systems; guard rails; stairs and ladders; pallets; castors, metal trusses for erecting frameworks for storage racks, metal lattices, prefabricated metal bridges, metal scaffolding towers, metal masts; metal pipes and tubes; metal joints, namely structure joint connectors; metal junctions for pipes; metal fastenings and fittings namely nails, rivets and threaded fasteners; bolts, nuts, studs, screws, plugs, clips, hooks, washers, packings, bushes, flanges, gratings, hinges, castors, pulleys and rollers, all being made of common metal and for use in metal framework construction systems