Portable stables of metal for horses; stables (structures) of metal; metal fittings for shutters; non-electric operating devices of metal for shutters; shutters of metal; assemblies of metal doors adapted to fold; assemblies of metal doors adapted to slide; fittings of metal for doors; frames of metal for doors; industrial doors of metal; metal components for doors; metal doors; metal fittings for doors; metal panels for doors; mobile partitions (doors) made of metal; panels of metal for doors; shutter doors of metal; sliding doors of metal for buildings; structural parts of metal for doors; tilting metal doors; modular shelters of metal; portable shelters of metal; shelters (building structures) of metal; frames of metal for use with partitions; metal framed partitions; metallic divisions (partitions); mobile partitions (doors) made of metal; mobile partitions (structures) made of metal; movable partitions (walls) of metal; partitions of metal; partitions of metal for building purposes; removable partitions (structures) of metal; hanging storage racks of metal (other than office requisite, not furniture); mobile storage racks (structures) of metal; racks (structures) of metal; racks of metal (other than furniture); relocatable metal storage racks (structures); bins of metal; feedings and watering systems made of metal being metal partitioning to enable animals to be separated for access to protection, food and water; all of the aforementioned goods being for use in all aspects of the horse and agricultural industries
Poles of metal; common metals, unwrought or semi-wrought; props of metal; sheets and plates of metal; nozzles of metal; jets of metal; water-pipes of metal; sleeves [metal hardware]; junctions of metal for pipes; reinforcing materials of metal for pipes; collars of metal for fastening pipes; water-pipe valves of metal; branching pipes of metal; pipes of metal; valves of metal, other than parts of machines; hose clamps of metal; metal pipe supports; metal connectors for pipes; clips of metal for cables and pipes; elbows of metal for pipes, including those made from alloy steel and titanium; window rails of metal; floor tiles of metal; doors of metal; jalousies of metal; outdoor blinds of metal; porches [structures] of metal; shutters of metal; ceilings of metal; floors of metal; door panels of metal; window frames of metal; door frames of metal; windows of metal; wall tiles of metal; handrails of metal; metal stepladders and ladders; washers of metal; rings of metal; shims; pegs of metal; cramps of metal [crampons]; buckles of common metal [hardware]; pins [hardware]; cabinet stops of metal; hat hooks of metal; towel dispensers, fixed, of metal; window stops of metal; window pulleys of metal; window fasteners of metal; fittings of metal for windows; door closers of metal, non-electric; non-electric door closers made of metal; latches of metal; door knockers of metal; furniture casters of metal; clothes hooks of metal; door handles of metal; door openers of metal, non-electric; hooks of metal for clothes rails; fixed towel dispensers of metal; fittings of metal for furniture; door fittings of metal; bathtub grab bars of metal; brackets of metal for furniture; door bells of metal, non-electric; bells; bag hangers of metal; safes [metal or non-metal]; safes, electronic; pot hooks of metal; hooks [metal hardware]; vice claws of metal; pulleys of metal, other than for machines; baskets of metal; casks of metal; boxes of common metal; chests of metal; household water tanks of metal.