Pergolas of metal; Metal arch frames for use in construction; Arches made of metallic materials; Arches of metal; Arches of metallic materials for supporting plants; Components of metal for modular fencing; Decorative articles made of base metals; Fence links of metal; Fence panels of metal; Fence posts of metal; Acoustic panels of metal for walls; Architraves of metal; Bannisters of metal; Metal planters being plant containers (structures); Planters of metal (structures); Street furniture being planter boxes of metal (fixed); House numbers of metal, non-luminous; Non-luminous metal house numbers; Free standing sculptures of common metal; Figurines for ornamental purposes made from common metal; Foils of metal for cooking; Blinds (outdoor) of metal; Blinds of metal for external use; Archways of metallic materials for supporting plants; Brickwork supports of metal; Bicycle shelters of metal; Bicycle parking installations of metal; Metal bicycle storage facilities; Installations, of metal for parking bicycles; Advertisement display boards of metal (non-luminous); Advertising display boards of metal (non-luminous); Balusters of metal; Cladding board of metal; Cladding made of metal; Cladding of metal for buildings; Cladding of metal for ceilings; Cladding devices of metal for picture windows; Connecting elements of metal for furniture; Connecting elements (non-electric) made from wire; Connection elements (non-electric); Door furniture of metal; Furniture for doors (metal); Prefabricated doors of metal (other than for furniture); Brackets of metal for building; Brackets of metal for furniture; Brackets of metal for hanging window draperies; Cantilevered brackets of metal; Brackets of metal used for fixing plaques; Garden bed frames of metal; Metal garden rooms in the nature of conservatories; Garden stakes of metal; Metal garden stakes; Blackout blinds (outdoor) of metal; Horizontal slatted blinds (outdoor), of metal; Horizontal venetian blinds (outdoor), of metal; Metal horizontal venetian blinds for outdoor use; Artistic objects of bronze; Artistic objects of common metal; Artistic castings of bronze; Artistic castings of common metal; Building components of metal; Components of metal for assembly into buildings; Components of metal for buildings; Metallic building components; Builders' hardware of common metals; Cast common metal articles for decorative use; Metal articles for use in building; Metal articles for use in construction; Articles made of common metal for use in building; Air grilles of metal; Air diffusers of metal (vents, grills) for ventilating, heating and air conditioning installations; Apartments (metallic structures or buildings); Ladders of metal; Ladder supports of metal; Ladder stand-offs of metal; Ladder hooks of metal; Metal frames for water pipes; Bicycle sheds (structures) of metal; Metal sheds; Sheds (buildings) of metal; Buildings, transportable, of metal; Metallic transportable buildings; Transportable buildings of metal; Transportable metallic buildings; Outdoor metal-framed transportable buildings; Cabinet fittings of common metal (metal hardware); Fittings of metal hardware for cabinets; Handrails of metal for baths and showers; Handrails of metal for stairs; Handrails of metal for use in buildings; Handrails of metal for walkways; Handrails of metal for use in vehicles; Metal mobile boarding stairs for passengers; Mobile boarding stairs of metal for passengers; Stair components of metal; Stair edgings of metal; Metal framed patio doors; Patio doors of metal; Aluminium doors; Aluminium residential doors; Armoured doors of metal; Aluminium windows; Fire safe boxes; Fire safe cabinet safes of metal; Metallic balcony enclosures; Prefabricated balconies (metal); Cupboard fittings of metal; Cupboard fixtures of metal; Fittings of metal for cupboards; Lighting domes (structures) of metal for buildings; Metal domes; Metallic domes for buildings; Mobile homes (portable buildings) of metal; Baskets of metal; Hanging baskets (flower) of metal; Window baskets of metal; Baskets of common metal for industrial use; Awnings of metal; Metal canopies (awnings); Fixed canopies of metal; Canopies (structures) of metal; Canopies of metal incorporating fixed or movable slats; Bathroom fittings of common metal; Bed fittings, of metal; Fittings of metal for beds; Branch outlet fittings of metal; Flanged branched outlets of metal; Building fittings of metal; Fittings of metal for building; Fittings of metal for buildings; Metal fittings for buildings; Bar connectors of metal; Reinforcement bar connectors of metal; Cane connectors of metal; Clamps of metal for fixing awnings; Clamp connectors for piping (other than parts of machines); Connector anchorages of metal; Connectors of metal for hoses; Connectors of metal for pipes; Armour door sheetings of metal; Armour sheetings of metal; Compost bins, of metal, not for household or kitchen use; Metal composting bins; Industrial compost bins of metal; Compost containers, of metal, not for household or kitchen use; Kitchen worktops of metal (fitted); Metallic blanks for use in the manufacture of kitchen receptacles; Box fasteners of metal; Box frames of metal; Boxes for storage purposes (metal); Boxes for stacking purposes (metal); Furniture casters of metal; Metal casters for furniture; Metal rollers for sliding windows; Rollers (casters) of metal; Bed casters of metal; Mobile partitions (doors) made of metal; Mobile partitions (structures) made of metal; Architectural fasteners of metal; Architectural hardware made of common metals; Architectural louvres of metal; Architectural fittings of metal; Architectural metalwork for use in building