Nails; nails for nailing guns; screws; screws of metal; metal staples for construction or industrial use; nuts of metal; clamps of metal; ring-shaped fittings of metal; tacks of metal; plugs (metal hardware); bolts of metal; rivets; rivets of metal; washers of metal; rings (metal fittings); chains of metal; buckles of common metal (hardware); clips of metal for cables and pipes; clips of metal for sealing bags; cable clamps of metal; rings of metal; hog rings of metal; pegs of metal; stop collars of metal; hooks of metal; hardware of metal, small; locks of metal, other than electric; steel in the form of sheets, plates, foils and reels; steel sheets; iron wire; iron and steel; nonferrous metals and their alloys; non-electric cables and wires of common metals; pipes and tubes of metal; thread of metal for tying-up purposes; sleeves (metal hardware); ores of metal; metal-made fixings; barbed wire; metal clamps for building or construction; railway material of metal; metal materials for building or construction; building materials of metal; nozzles of metal; prefabricated building assembly kits of metal; loading and unloading pallets of metal; turn-tables for load handling; traversers for load handling; metal pulleys, springs and valves (not including machine elements); collars of metal for fastening pipes; junctions of metal for pipes; metal junctions for pipes; metal flanges; machine keys; cotter pins; cotter pins of metal; bands of metal for tying-up purposes; wire rope; wire cloth; wire nets and gauzes; industrial packaging containers of metal; metal stoppers for industrial packaging containers; metal lids and caps for industrial packaging containers; tool boxes of metal, empty; metal joinery fittings; safes; anvils; swage blocks; winding spools of metal, non-mechanical, for flexible hoses