Metal stables; portable stables of metal for horses; stables (structures) of metal; stables of metal; stalls (structures) of metal for animals; stalls (structures) of metal for horses; hanging storage racks of metal (other than office requisite, not furniture); Racking (structures) of metal for storage purposes; Racks (structures) of metal; Racks of metal (other than furniture); Racks of metal for storage (other than furniture); Relocatable metal storage racks (structures); Relocatable non-metallic storage racks (structures); Baskets of metal; Wire baskets; Hooks (metal hardware); Hooks of metal; Wall hooks of metal; Wire hook spirals; Wire hooks; Metallic bars (common metal); Metal bars (common metal); Rack bars for shelves (metal); Bars of metal; Articles of metal for use as joints in shelves; Consignment shelving (structures) of metal; Continuous transit shelving (structures) of metal); Fixings of metal for shelves; Metal shelving (other than furniture); Modular shelving (structures) of metal; Prefabricated shelves (structures) of metal; Rack bars for shelves (metal); Sectional metal units for use as shelving (other than furniture); Shelves (structures) of metal; Shelves of metal (structures); Shelving frames of metal (other than furniture); Shelving made of metal (other than furniture); Shelving parts of metal; Storage shelves (structures) of metal; hangers of metal; Fittings of metal for gates; Gate eyes of metal; Gate hooks of metal; Gate stops of metal; Gates of metal; Metal gates; Fixed frames of metal; frames of metal; metal frames; metal saddle stands; metal rods; metal bottle holders