Latch bars of metal; lintels of metal; shutters of metal; water-pipes of metal; penstock pipes of metal; strap-hinges of metal; sheets and plates of metal; sheet piles of metal; door fasteners; underdrainage pipes of metal; fences of metal; poles of metal, for electric lines; joists of metal; foundry molds (moulds) of metal; roof coverings of metal; props of metal; wainscotting of metal; windows of metal; window stops of metal; window pulleys of metal; gratings of metal; window frame system unit of metal; ceiling decorations of metal; ceilings of metal; partitions of metal; cornices of metal; metal fasteners for turnstiles; crash barriers of metal for roads; fish plates of metal; runners of metal for sliding doors; non-automatic metal turnstiles; greenhouse frames of metal; roof flashing of metal; metal window rails; metal window handles; pulley for window frame; moldings of metal for cornices; shuttering of metal for concrete; reinforcing materials of metal for pipes; elbows of metal for pipes; tile floorings of metal; wall tiles of metal; bond wire; prefabricated metal garage; transportable shelters of metal; transportable greenhouse of metal; bicycle parking installations of metal; telephone booths of metal; prefabricated metal platforms; screws of metal; semi-finished articles of unrefined cooper; articles of aluminium; metal floor board; window frames of aluminium; window frames of metal; floor tiles of metal; prefabricated building assembly kits of metal; metal statues of the virgin mary; valves of metal, other than parts of machines; barbed wire; framework of metal for building; pillars of metal for buildings; plaster siding of metal for building; wall linings of metal for building; reinforcing materials of metal for building; brackets of metal for building; building panels of metal; porches of metal for building; cladding of metal for construction and building; frames of metal for building; stringers (parts of staircases) of metal; stair treads of metal; chimney pots of metal; door for metal strong boxes; casement windows of metal; sills of metal; ferrules of metal; metal hinges for floor; metal tunneling materials; duckboards of metal; grilles of metal; hinges of metal; staircases of metal; anchor bolts of metal for bridge connection; connectors of metal for structure joint; chimneys of metal; chimney cowls of metal; shutters of metal; door panels of metal; draw handles of metal; girders of metal; laths of metal; manholes of metal; manhole covers of metal; doors of metal; gate stops of metal; door knockers of metal; door stops of metal; door handles of metal; door cases of metal; gutters of metal; gutter pipes of metal; metal down spouts; floors of metal; barricades of metal; ice moulds of metal; reinforcing materials of metal for concrete; ferrules of metal for handles; silos of metal; flashing of metal, for building; metal sliding doors; handrails of metal; bars for metal railings; scaffolding of metal; drain pipes of metal; wall boards of metal; branching pipes of metal; door closers, non-electric; door openers, non-electric
lass 6: Plumbing fittings as are included in this class, being fittings for water and gas supply, including: push-fit fittings in the nature of junctions, straight couplings, reducing couplings, conversion couplings, straight connectors, reducing connectors, bullnose connectors, elbows, reducing elbows, stubout elbows, dishwasher elbows, drop ear elbows, hy-ear elbows, branches, tees, bullnose tees, reducing tees, end stops, fitting reducers, threaded adaptors, slip fittings, swivel fittings, swivel adaptors, sweat adaptors, swivel elbows, swivel toilet connectors, slip couplings, slip tees, slip tee adaptors, manifolds including manifolds with branches, angle stops, straight stops, stop valve tee adaptors, stop valve connectors, faucet connectors, toilet connectors, toilet elbows, pipe connections and couplings, conversion tees, tap connectors, flexible water heater connectors, tube adaptors, capillary pipe tail pieces, bend supports for piping, compression adaptors, tail piece reducers, tail piece plugs, pipe bend supports, suspension clamps, clamp rings, crimp rings, pipe clips, sleeves, valve connections and couplings, check valves; parts of and accessories for such goods as are included in this class, including: water hammer arrestors; water heater connectors; water heater kits consisting of connector fittings and disconnect clips; contractor kits consisting of connector fittings and disconnect clips; toilet and faucet kits consisting of faucet connectors, angle stops and tubing or ducting; disconnect clips; pipes, tubing and ducting; all of the aforesaid goods being made primarily from metal