Keys; rings of common metal for keys; rings of metal for keys (ring only); key tags of common metal; safety keys of metal; shaft keys of metal; locks of metal for bags; locks of metal for handbags; locks of metal for vehicles; locks of metal incorporating straps; magnet locks of metal; mechanical combination locks (non-electric); mechanical dialling locks (non-electric); mechanical locks (non-electric, metal); mechanical safety locks (non-electric); metal combination locks (non-electric); metal locks (non-electric); safety locks of metal (non-electric); padlocks; padlocks of metal; door hinges of metal; hinges of metal; hinges of metal for the fastening of electrical cables; hinges of metal for the fixing of pipes; hinges of metal having a spring action; hinges of metal incorporating a spring; metal hinges; strap-hinges of metal; window hinges of metal; wire fencing; alloyed steel wire (non-electric); aluminium wire; barbed wire; copper wire; iron wire; metal fencing wire; metal wire (common wire); plastic coated wire; steel wire; wire fencing; wire of common metal; fence posts of metal; metal fencing posts; fencing made of common metal coated with plastics materials; gazebo (metal structures); metal shelving (other than furniture); modular shelving (structures) of metal; prefabricated shelves (structures) of metal; shelves of metal (structures); shelving frames of metal (other than furniture); shelving made of metal (other than furniture); storage shelves (structures) of metal; fireproof cabinets of metal (other than furniture); fittings of metal for cabinets; metal cabinets (other than furniture); lockers of metal being metal containers for storage or transport; cupboards being metal containers for storage or transport (other than furniture); metal step ladders; mobile steps (ladders) of metal; stair treads (steps) of metal; step ladders made of metal; step stools of metal; doors of metal