Intermediate cage suspensions and tail rope suspensions, rope sheaves and deflecting sheaves, rope support hoists, shaft air locks, weather steel doors, guide rails and other shaft installations made of steel, roller guides for conveyor buckets and mine cages, conveyor buckets, loading and unloading devices consisting mainly of filling and discharging pouches (bins), sludge material hoppers and containers made of steel; mine cages, conveyor frameworks and towers; steel shaft linings, steel products for the mining industry; apparatus and vessels of high quality steel for the chemical and petroleum industries; distillation and absorption towers, heat exchangers, distillation plates, reactors and pressure reservoirs; nuclear apparatus, namely, transport and storage containers of steel for fuel elements; steel water structures, sections of ships, cranes including floating cranes; transportable bridges and bridge equipment, moving steel bridges, collapsible steel bridges, transferable steel flyovers, pre-fabricated pedestrian bridges, floating bridges including aluminium floating bridges, movable steel structures, namely, hydraulic steelworks (with drives), namely, weirs, sluice locks, impact protection equipment for sluice motors; revolving, sliding and lifting platforms for the stages of theatres, concert halls, multi-purpose halls and TV studios, rotary tables, sliding stages, doors for aviation hangars; special construction, namely, communication antennas, radio telescopes, optical telescopes, rocket launching installations, parts for nuclear technology, namely, pre-fabricated personnel and material locks made of steel, pre-fabricated steel foundations for fast-running machinery; and all other goods in this class
Installation materials of metal, namely non-electric cable screw connections and of hose screw connections, also as divided cable screw connections and divided hose screw connections; parts for non-electric cable screw connections and for hose screw connections of metal, namely screw bodies, pressure screws, double nipples, reducer parts, extension parts, angular pieces, sealing inserts, cable inlets, antikink parts, bending protection parts, divisible flange systems, clamping rings, collar bands, shielding contact elements, conical discs, spiral springs, lock washers, breather drains, connection threads, blind plugs, washers, flanges, flange angle parts, frames, pressure equalisation insert plugs, nuts, sealing plugs, screw plugs, coupling pieces, clamping nipples, earth tags, shielding braids; hose clamps; protection hoses of metal; conduits of metal, also in the form of corrugated conduits, in particular for cable routing; non-electric ducts for cables of metal, also in the form of wire trays and in the form of drag chains; parts of non-electric ducts for cables of metal, also in the form of wire trays and in the form of drag chains, namely covers for ducts for cables, hinge systems, coupler plates, partitions, angular pieces, T-connectors, seals, clips, installation profiles, mounting angles, bending parts, blind plates, caps, holding parts, bolts, screws, threaded bars, converters, retainers, edge protections, safety cables, telescopes, pendants, support foots, clamps, wall brackets, anchors.
Installation materials, all of metal, for electric, gas and water supply installations, namely small items of metal hardware, pipe and cable clips, collars, spacing clips, multi-cable supports, carrier trays, slotted iron strip; perforated iron strip, bolt clips and parts therefor, bundle clamps, metal dowels, profile rails and connectors, and parts therefor, flex holders, end caps, terminal sleeves, plug-in sleeves and threaded sockets, screwed cable glands and parts therefor, of metal, in particular reductions, extensions, adaptors, locking screws, elbow screw connectors, nuts and pressure screws, nails, ceiling hooks, toggle bolts; cable support systems of metal, namely cable trays, cable guides, mesh racks, lattice angles, ceiling supports, equipment conduits, cable protection conduits, industrial ducts, wiring conduits, tubes for protecting cables, all being of metal, and parts and fastening devices for the aforesaid goods, of metal; floor-to-ceiling columns of metal for supplying electricity to workplaces; suspension frames of metal for mounting false ceilings and suspended ceilings, and parts and attachment devices for the aforesaid goods, of metal; framework of metal for cable support systems for attaching to floors, ceilings and walls, namely hanging rods, carrying consoles, clamp adapters, head plates; fastening plates, central suspensions, spacer profiles, suspension brackets, angle profiles, mounting plates, fastening elements and rail assemblies, all being of metal, and parts therefor of metal; suspension frames of metal for mounting false ceilings and suspended ceilings, and parts and attachment devices for the aforesaid goods, of metal; ceiling support profiles of metal, and parts therefor of metal; suspension systems of metal, mainly consisting of threaded rods, wire cables and chains, and parts therefor of metal; flange fixation systems of metal, mainly consisting of flange clamps, brackets and suspending brackets; cable guiding and support framework of metal for maintaining the functioning of electric installations in the event of fire
Industrial fasteners of metal; Bolts of metal; Expansion bolts of metal; Eye bolts; Fixing bolts of metal; Lock bolts of metal; Screw bolts of metal; Shackle bolts of metal; U-bolts of metal; Blind bolt fasteners of metal; Anchor bolts of metal; Pins (hardware); Cotter pins of metal; Split pins of metal; Clevis pins of metal; Spring pins of metal; Spring roll pins of metal; Locking pins of metal; Rivets of metal; Staples of metal (other than office requisites or for surgical use); Hollow set screws (metal); Screw cups of metal; Screw eyes of metal; Self-drilling metal screws; Self-tapping metal screws; Set screws of metal; Square set screws of metal; Wood screws made of metal; Screw caps of metal; Screw inserts of metal; Socket head cap screws of metal; Socket head shoulder screws of metal; Washers of metal; Cables of metal, non-electric; Metallic webbing straps for handling loads; Straps of metal for handling loads; Chain hooks of common metal; Chain links of common metal; Belts of metal for handling loads; Fittings of metal for cargo restraint; Snap rings (fasteners) of metal; Assembly clips of metal; Connecting clips (non-electric) of metal; Masonry nails of metal; Fixing nails of metal; Thumbturns (fasteners) of metal; Turn-button fasteners of metal; Rail fastenings of metal; Locking apparatus (non-electric) of metal; Safety locking devices of metal (non-electric); Lock nuts of metal; Nuts of metal; Screw nuts of metal; Screw-in nuts of metal; Screw-in insert nuts of metal; Metal nuts