Identification bracelets of metal; bells; bells for animals; bolt snaps of metal for bags; letters and numerals of common metal, except type; busts of common metal; coat hanging chains; fur coat hanging chains; packaging containers of metal; iron slabs; rivets of metal; box fasteners of metal; bungs of metal; plugs of metal; latches of metal; buckles of common metal [hardware]; bronzes [works of art]; works of art of common metal; hardware of metal, small; ironmongery; copper rings; buildings of metal; buildings, transportable, of metal; steel buildings; containers of metal [storage, transport]; baskets of metal; tool boxes of metal, empty; boxes of metal, empty; hooks of metal for clothes rails; bag hangers of metal; clothes hooks of metal; chests of metal; bins of metal; wrapping or binding bands of metal; bands of metal for tying-up purposes; steel sheets; cast steel; copper, unwrought or semi-wrought; sheets and plates of metal; common metals, unwrought or semi-wrought; pyrophoric metals; metals in powder form; jets of metal; duckboards of metal; nickel silver; german silver; nickel; niobium; binding thread of metal for agricultural purposes; thread of metal for tying-up purposes; house numbers of metal, non-luminous; laths of metal; palings of metal; tree protectors of metal; latticework of metal; trellis of metal; trays of metal; stakes of metal for plants or trees; firedogs [andirons]; fireplace mantles of metal; steel strip; hoop steel; brazing alloys; gold solder; silver solder; stoppers of metal; aluminium wire; iron wire; wire of common metal; wire of common metal alloys, except fuse wire; steel wire; springs [metal hardware]; tanks of metal; reservoirs of metal; fireplace grates of metal; grilles of metal; gratings of metal; door handles of metal; knobs of metal; safes [metal or non-metal]; strongboxes [metal or non-metal]; door scrapers; bindings of metal; bottle closures of metal; bottle fasteners of metal; steel, unwrought or semi-wrought; statues of common metal; figurines of common metal; statuettes of common metal; wire cloth; wire gauze; angle irons of metal; tinplate packings; flagpoles [structures] of metal; hand-held flagpoles of metal; flanges of metal [collars]; weather- or wind-vanes of metal; weather vanes of metal; wind vanes of metal; aluminium foil; foils of metal for wrapping and packaging; ice moulds of metal; chains of metal; safety cashboxes; pins [hardware]; roller blinds of steel; labels of metal; lock bolts; cashboxes [metal or non-metal]; tool chests of metal, empty; boxes of common metal; letter boxes of metal.