Frames of metal for pallets; mobile pallets made of metal; pallet racks of metal; pallet surrounds of metal; portable pallet racks of metal; transport pallets of metal; access platforms (scaffolding) of metal; aluminium framed modular platforms for use in theatres; metal platforms for climbing purposes; metal structures for use as platforms; mobile aerial work platforms (scaffolding) of metal; mobile platforms (scaffolding) of metal; movable metal framed stage platform units; movable metal framed studio platform units; platform staging of metal for use with scaffolding; platform steps of metallic for use with scaffolding; platforms for use as working areas (non-metallic); platforms of metal; platforms, prefabricated, of metal; stage platform structures of metal; structural platforms (structures) of metal; studio platform structures of metal; work platforms (scaffold towers) of metal; work platforms (scaffolding) of metal; working platforms (scaffold towers) of metal; working platforms (scaffolding) of metal; working platforms (structures); boxes for storage purposes (metal); containers of common metal for storage purposes (other than household use); containers of metal (storage, transport); racking (structures) of metal for storage purposes; racks of metal for storage (other than furniture); relocatable metal storage racks (structures); relocatable metal storage units (other than furniture); relocatable non-metallic storage racks (structures); storage apparatus (structures) of metal; storage chests made of metal; storage frames (structures) of metal; storage installations (structures) of metal; storage modules (structures) of metal; storage shelves (structures) of metal; storage vessels of metal (other than for household use)
Framed partitions of metal, partitions of metal, buildings of metal, building materials of metal, transportable buildings of metal, building materials of metal, reinforcements for building, buildings of steel, blinds of steel, sheets of steel, door frames of metal, reinforcing materials of metal for pipes, window frames of metal, door frames of metal, door stops of metal, window stops of metal, tiles for building of metal, tile floorings of metal, paving blocks of metal, hinges of metal, framework of metal for building, window frames of metal, door frames of metal, frames of metal for building, ducts of metal for ventilating and air conditioning installations, fences of metal, pillars of metal (building parts), staircases of metal, windows of metal, doors of metal, non-electric door closers, door frames of metal, wainscotting of metal, laths of metal, jalousies of metal, porches of metal (building), lintels of metal, latches of metal, stair treads of metal, lock bolts, roof coverings of metal, roofing of metal, tiles of metal, wall claddings of metal (building), building boards of metal for building, walls of metal, wall linings (building), ceilings of metal, floors of metal, door handles of metal, joists of metal, girders of metal, locks of metal (non electric), cornices of metal, angle irons, hooks (metal hardware), hooks of metal for clothes rails, floor tiles of metal, gutters of metal, gratings of metal, clothes hooks of metal, screws of metal, shutters of metal, supports of metal for shelves, panels, magnetic or magnetized signs and plates of metal