Formwork as well as-components thereof for concrete construction, including wall formwork, slab, formwork, monolithic formwork, climbing formwork, load-bearing tower formwork, tunnel formwork, bridge formwork, column formwork, circular formwork, shaft formwork, dam formwork, single sided formwork, facade formwork, framed formwork, formwork tables; formwork elements, load-bearing and support structures as well as components thereof for formwork for use in concrete construction, in particular load-bearing scaffolds, load towers, shoring, adjusting supports, rails, props, struts, girders, washers of metal, joists, braces, support heads, floor supports of metal, frameworks; scaffolds as well as components thereof, including safety and protection structures, climbing scaffolds, working structures, scaffold towers, stair towers, access structures, manholes, stages, platforms, corbels, stands, guardrails, enclosures, balustradings; portable structures as well as components thereof for formwork use; transport aids for aforementioned goods, including bins, containers, pallets; accessories, including profiles, bars, anchors, brackets, wedges, cones, nuts, anchor plates, couplings, damps, fasteners, plugs, spindles, stays, bolts, sleeves, retainers, lugs, fitting of metal for building, ironmongery and small items of metal hardware for assembly, assembling aid, adjustment, locking as well as for disassembly of the aforementioned goods, as far as included in this class; suspension anchorings; all aforementioned goods made of metal or mainly of metal formwork as well as components thereof made of metal or mainly of metal for the production of prefabricated building elements
Formwork for concrete, of metal; Formwork of metal; Formwork supports of metal; Formwork ties of metal; Supports of metal for use in the building of formwork; Supports of metal for use in the construction of formwork; Reinforcement elements of metal for pre-cast concrete; Reinforcing materials of metal for building; Builders' hardware of common metals; Hardware of metal for doors; Hardware of metal for windows; Architectural fasteners of metal; Industrial fasteners of metal; Articles of metal for use in constructing house frames; Fixed frames of metal; Framework of metal for building; Frames of metal; Framework structures of metal; Structural support joists of metal for the construction of floors; Structural support members of metal; Sheet materials of metal for use in building; Sheet metal; Cold rolled sheet metal; Brackets of metal for building; Bulkhead fittings of metal (other than vehicles); Panels of metals for use as fascias; Balustrades of metal; Roof trusses of metal; Lintels of metal; Canopies of metal incorporating fixed or movable slats; Fixed canopies of metal; Building frameworks of metal; Cold frame boxes of metal; Frames of metal for building; Structural frames of metal for building; Frames of metal for construction work; Frames of metal for curtain wall facades; Frames of metal for structures; Frames of metal for wall cladding; Frameworks of metal for ceilings; Frameworks of metal for rooms; Metal framed buildings; Metal frames; Metal frameworks; Joists of metal