Fasteners made of metal; industrial fasteners of metal; threaded fasteners of metal; snap rings (fasteners); bolts of metal; expansion bolts of metal; eye bolts; fixing bolts of metal; lock bolts of metal; screw bolts of metal; shackle bolts of metal; u-bolts of metal; blind bolt fasteners of metal; anchor bolts of metal; masonry anchors; clips of metal, including R-clips, circlips, assembly clips, connecting clips (non-electric); nails of metal, including fixing nails and masonry nails; pins (hardware); cotter pins of metal; split pins of metal; roll pins of metal; clevis pins of metal; spring pins of metal; spring roll pins of metal; lynch pins of metal; locking pins of metal; rivets of metal, including industrial rivets and forged rivets; staples of metal (other than stationery or surgical use); allthread rod; threaded rod; nuts of metal, including with nylon inserts; screw nuts of metal; screw-in insert nuts of metal; screw-in nuts of metal; screws of metal; hollow set screws (metal); screw cups of metal; screw eyes of metal; self-drilling metal screws; self-tapping metal screws; set screws of metal; blind set screws of metal; grub screws of metal; square set screws of metal; wood screws made of metal; screw caps of metal; screw inserts of metal; socket screws of metal, including socket head cap screws of metal and socket head shoulder screws of metal; bolt assembly (bolt, washer and nuts assembled); kits comprising bolts of metal for fastening, attaching or reinforcing; stud bolts of metal; washers of metal; metal building materials; non-electric cables and wires of common metal; small items of metal hardware; common metals and their alloys; fixtures and fittings of steel or alloy
Fascias of metal for advertising; metal poster advertising pillars; poster advertising pillars (structures) of metal; section panels of metal for use in advertising; sections of metallic materials for use in advertising; access platforms (scaffolding) of metal; advertisement columns of metal; articles made of common metals for transporting loads; building materials made wholly of common metal; building materials made wholly of common metal alloys; building panels of metal; building parts of metal; building products of metal; buildings being fixed metal structures; buildings being fixed structures of metal; buildings of metal; buildings, transportable, of metal; cladding panels of metal; cladding panels of metal for wall construction; common metals; components of metal for buildings; composite sheets of metal for building purposes; construction elements of common metal; construction elements of metal; construction materials of metal; construction sheets of metal; containers for housing and transporting animals, of metal; containers made of metal for mounting on vehicles; coverings of metal for buildings; decoration plaques of metal for building purposes; decorative figures of common metal; decorative metal sheets for use as building materials; expandable grid metal doors; expandable metal grids; expanded metal flooring; expandable metal honeycombs; finishing materials of metals for use in building; fittings of metal for building; fittings of metal for buildings; fixed floors of metal being parts of buildings; frames of metal for building; framework of metal for building; frameworks of metal for rooms; free standing metal pavement signs (non-electric, non-luminous, non-mechanical); roadside display boards of metal (non-mechanical, non-luminous)
Farm, home and builders' metal hardware, namely, screws, nuts, bolts, hinges, brackets, corner braces, corner irons, plates, hooks, bumpers, catches, latches, locks, door handles, lifts, pulls, push plates, metal folding door sets, door and gate springs, door and gate stops, turnbuckles, rail end caps, box and round rail, box and round rail hangers, trolley rail, trolley trucks, threaded fasteners, metal drawer guides, metal garage door rollers, hasps, staples for construction use, pintles, padlock eyes, shelf supports, shelf standards, shelves, closet rods, bar holders, panels, turn buttons, non-automatic metal cupboard turnstiles, gate hardware sets comprised of hinges and latches, screen hangers, storm sash hangers, steel sliding door frames, sliding door hardware, namely, rail, hangers, door stops, latches, stay rollers, solid brass hardware, namely, door knockers, pulls, storm door latches, sash locks, kick plates, push plates, pull plates, surface bolts, barrel bolts, chain door guards, doorstops, clothes hooks, pocket door latches, handrail bracket, padlocks, pull plates, swivels, pulleys, cleats, wire cable clamps, chain hooks, forged eye bolts, nails, draw catches, key blanks, strike plates, chain door stops, barrel bolts, chains, slide and foot bolts, flag pole brackets, mail slots and mail slot sleeves, door knockers, kick plates, cane bolts, rope cleats, knobs, pocket door hardware, namely, rail, hangers, door stops, floor guide, security hardware, namely, hasps, barrel bolts, draw hasps, slide bolts, padlocks, chain door fastener, patio door locks, sliding window lock, utility lock, chain bolt, foot bolt, door stops, sawhorse brackets, house numbers and letters, around-the-corner hardware sets, cabinet hardware, namely, pulls, hinges and catches, hardware wire products, namely, eye bolts, cup hooks, screw eyes, peg hooks, storage hooks, threaded rod, smooth rod, couplers for threaded rod, end caps and washers for smooth rod, metal in solid angles, solid; flats, slotted angles, corner plates, slotted flats, square key stock, squares for general industrial use, square and round tubes, sheet metal, and expanded steel