Eye bolts; Lock bolts; Bolts (flat); Anchor bolts of metal; Anchor bushings of metal; Anchor lugs of metal; Anchoring devices of metal; Apparatus of metal for securing; Architectural fasteners of metal; Binding screws of metal for cables; Blind bolt fasteners of metal; Bolts of metal; Builders' hardware of common metals; Building elements of metal; Cold rolled metal rods; Expansion bolts of metal; Fasteners of metal being security devices for doors; Fasteners of metal being security devices for windows; Fixing bolts of metal; Fixing devices of metal; Hardware of metal (small); Hardware of metal for doors; Hardware of metal for windows; Hot rolled metal rods; Industrial fasteners of metal; Industrial rivets of metal; Joint connector bolts of metal; Lock bolts of metal; Lock nuts of metal; Lock parts of metal; Lock washers of metal; Masonry anchors of metal; Metal Connectors used to join panels together; Metal anchors; Metal bolts (fasteners); Metal bolts for locking doors; Metal caps for screws; Metal fastening devices for building purposes; Metal fastenings for panels; Metal hardware for buildings; Metal hardware for use in building; Metal hardware for use in construction; Metal nuts; Metal rods; Metal studs (other than for football boots, clothing or vehicle tyres); Non-electric connecting sockets of metal; Non-electric couplers of metal other than parts of machines; Non-electric coupling devices of metal other than parts of machines, engines or motors; Nuts of metal; Pipe nuts of metal; Products of metal for use in structural engineering; Rail fastenings of metal; Rock bolts of metal; Rods of metal; Screw bolts of metal; Screw caps of metal; Screw inserts of metal; Screw nuts of metal; Screw thread inserts of metal; Screw threaded fasteners of metal; Screw-in insert nuts of metal; Screw-in nuts of metal; Screwed rods of metal; Screws in stainless metals; Screws of metal; Self-drilling metal bolts; Self-drilling metal screws; Self-drilling screws in stainless metals; Self-piercing metal fasteners for sheet material applications; Self-tapping metal bolts; Shackle bolts of metal; Socket head cap screws of metal; Socket head shoulder screws of metal; Studding of metal; Threaded bars of metal; Threaded fasteners made of common metal; Threaded members of metal; Threaded nuts of metal; Threaded screws of metal; Threaded shanks of metal; U-bolts of metal; Wing nuts of metal; Wood screws made of metal