Electricity connectors; branch connectors, lugs, sleeves and accessories for insulated or bare electric junction, linking and connection; insulated or bare apparatus for crimping, punching, shrinking, clamping and fitting for installation, in contact or remotely, of the aforesaid components; apparatus for indication, detection, measurement of electric voltages and/or proximity of above or underground electric lines or installations; electric connector boxes; electric connector sockets; active cable connectors; connectors being electrical terminals; connectors for electronic circuits; connectors for fibre optics; electric splice connectors; inter-connectors for electronic circuits; male connectors for electrical cables; female connectors for electrical cables; power distribution apparatus for use in electrical systems; electricity and electrical current distribution apparatus, instruments and installations; electrical distribution frames, cases and boxes; electrical distribution fuse boards and circuit breaker boards; electrical distribution bars and amplifiers; electrical cable distribution trunking; electrical terminals; cables and wires for electricity and power supply; electric cable couplings; electric cable ducts; electric cable channels; electric adapter cables; electric cable installations; electric cable protector modules; electric cable boxes; cable junctions for electric cables; cable ladders for electric cables; metallic electric cables; optical fibre cables; optical transmitters for use with fibre optic cables; apparatus for testing optical cables; sheaths for electric cables; thermocouple cables; refractory electric cables; insulated electric cables; high temperature and heat resistant electric cables; bundles of electric cabling; active cable assemblies; apparatus for joining electric cables including but not limited to those made of metal; apparatus for locating electrical cables; apparatus for the location of faults in electric cables; apparatus for the location of faults in cable sheaths; insulation testers; insulation resistance meters; insulated electric copper wires; copper balun connector coils; linear modular power supply apparatus; linear transducers; linear measuring instruments; power line monitoring systems; power line disturbance analysers; power line phase meters; power line protectors; aerials; aerial sockets; aerial filters; aerial converters; aerial combiners; aerial boosters; aerial amplifiers; power supply units for aerial amplifiers; power packs for aerial boosters; terminal resistors for aerial leads; protection, prevention and safety devices for the effects of electric current on persons, devices for short-circuiting and earthing conductors for safety of persons working in contact or at distance from electric lines and installations; including instructional materials sold together with the aforesaid goods, accessories, parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods allowed in this class