Ducts of metal; pipes of metal; pipes of metal for guarding electric wire; floors having built-in wiring facility (of metal); irons and steels; nonferrous metals and their alloys; ores of metal; metal materials for building or construction; metal joinery fittings; safes; metal hardware; prefabricated building assembly kits of metal; liquid storage tanks or reservoirs of metal; industrial water storage tanks of metal; liquefied gas storage tanks of metal; gas storage tanks of metal; internal floating lids of aluminium for use with gas or liquefied gas storage tanks; metal valves (not including machine elements); industrial packaging containers of metal (not including "metal stoppers, lids and caps"); metal stoppers (for industrial packaging containers); metal lids and caps (for industrial packaging containers); artificial fish reefs of metal; metal moulds for forming cement products; transportable greenhouses of metal for household use; paint spray booths of metal; poultry cages of metal; beacons of metal (non-luminous); road signs of metal (non-luminous nor mechanical); railway points; metal junctions for pipes; metal flanges; keys; cotter pins; anvils; swage blocks; wire ropes; chains for dogs; water tanks of metal for household purposes; tool boxes of metal; money boxes of metal; metal stepladders and ladders; metal nameplates and door nameplates; towel dispensers of metal; hat-hanging hooks of metal; letter boxes of metal; outdoor blinds of metal; upright signboards of metal; sculptures of metal; metal tombs and metal tomb plaques; buckles of metal; ferrules of metal for canes and walking-sticks; crampons (climbing irons); carabiners; rock pitons; diving platforms of metal; stirrups of metal; spurs