Drainage channels of metal; Walkways of metal; Metal flooring; Steel grating; Tree gratings of metal for draining thoroughfares; Metal gratings for use in the construction industry; Channel covers of metal; Channels of metal for casting into concrete; Overflow channels of metal; Run-off channels of metal; Metal building elements for floors; Metal linings for floors; Metal removable floor covers for allowing access to ducting; Handrails of metal for walkways; Trays of metal; Metal outflow pipes for bathrooms; Metal rainwater traps and covers; Bathroom fittings of common metal; Common metals; Common metal alloys; Metal materials for building; Metal materials for construction; Goods of metal for use in drainage installations; Drains made of metal; Metal sieves being parts of drains; Drain channels of metal; Sluices (drains) of metal; Sluices (channels) of metal; Metal drainage apparatus for use in the channelling of flood water; Galvanized steel plate; Trench sheeting panels of metal; Grates made of metal; Gratings of metal; Stainless steel; Frames of metal; Frames of metal for building; Frames of metal for construction work; Structural frames of metal for building; Steel mesh in panel form; Steel mesh in sheet form; Floor drainage channels made of metal; Floor drains of metal (other than for sanitary installations); Floor panels made of metal; Floor sections made of metal; Floors of metal; Surfacings for floors (metal); Metal screens (other than furniture); Protective screens of metal; Screens for use as screen walls (metal structures); Drain covers of metal; Cover plates of metal; Manhole covers of metal; Covers of metal for use in cable channels; Trunking (channels) of metal for electric cables; Trunking (channels) of metal for electric wires; Channels of metal for transmitting air for ventilation; Metal ventilation channels